Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#8 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap - this matchbox created by Amy D.

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me....8 ladies milking and a match box that filled me with glee! ~ For fun go to and visit some of the blogspots who are sharing their little match box treasures on posts everyday through Christmas.
#8 matchbox was created by Amy D. Oh so pretty and JOY is one of my favorite words. See the little word JOY on the ornament? I love the colors Amy chose to create this box...they are very popular this year. There is a little line of red and white beaded pretty at the end of the little drawer and the snow flake is striking against the pink. Thank you Amy for giving me joy today.

My Christmas memory to share today December 8, 2010 ~ I love remembering the joy in my children's eyes on Christmas day and how they were filled with joy bringing home a crafted gift from school for their Daddy and I. One Christmas the children created construction reindeer art with the antlers being (their traced hands cut out) So precious and colorful....For years I would hang these cards over the two window shutters at our 'candlelite yellow' house on Custer Street before we moved to the country.

I keep them and some other favorite things in our old keepsake suitcase which I look through every once in a while. When ever I go through it I must get the tissue ready. A mother's heart loves to remember...


  1. A pink delight! I love the pinks too! I remember fondly my kids' handmade gifts and school Christmas plays too! And you're right, tissue is definately needed! One year I remember my husband and I getting the giggles during one of our children's numbers and almost having to excuse ourselves! There was a loud and boisterous singer (very off-key of course) standing next to our son, and our son at one point looked over at the singing girl with the funniest expression on his face as if to say, "are you kidding me with that??" We just KNEW what he was thinking and it struck us so funny- it was a long while before we could look at each other again without giggling. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  2. Hi Linda!

    Thank you for sharing your memory with me. It is so cute... if you get a chance ask your son if he remembers too.

    I finally decorated 'the Christmas tree' today... blessed to have the day off work but again decorating it all by myself. I needed tissue twice, I think you know what I mean.

    Also, thank you for stopping by my blogspot. It's always fun getting comments isn't it. I can't wait to go 'match box looking' a bit later today...after I get my mess organized. The good old days I sure miss when the kids were young or living close by. They LOVED getting Christmas up.


  3. I forgot to ask....are you the wonderful awesome Linda who planned this swap????

    Please let me know! :-)

  4. Your treasures are wonderful and I am glad that I have one that you made. I have your #11 and I will cherish it for ever. Merry Christmas, HUGS MARY

  5. I just posted #9 matchbox from Amy - that JOY charm is so of my favorite words too!

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas memory. I loved all the handmade treasures my children brought hom and now I'm excited to help my grandbabies make things for their parents ~ what fun!