Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#21 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - today's is from Shannon L.

Go to http://www.aswapforallseason.blogspot.com/ and click on the links for a great time of fun.

#21 matchbox was created by Shannon L. Shannon, the matchbox is the sweetest! Thank you very much. The tiny white pom pom trim and the (metal word art)  joy w/bell tickled me pink with a smile. I will treasure your sweet gift for years to come. Your matchbox looks awesome on my kitchen Christmas tree. Please visit Shannon's lovely blog if you have time-http://www.quiltinginpinksbulldogsatmyside.blogspot.com/

My Christmas memory to share today December 21, 2010 ~ The trips with my Mom and five brothers and sisters to spend Christmas' with our Grandparents in New Mexico. These were back in the days when the speed limit was 50 MPH...can you imagine how long it took to get there? 'Are we there yet?'  'Are we there yet?'  'Are we there yet?'

I remember being in the back seat of our old white Chevy station wagon...brushing my old sister Mary's long red hair for what seemed like hours. We'd laugh and laugh...so much static electricity...her hair was sticking up straight 'all over the place'. I remember the sandwiches and hard boiled eggs and the big cooler of cool-aid Mom prepared for the long trip to save money...things were very tight. I remember it felt so special all of us being together. There was a sad time years before that we weren't together.

Shannon's pink matchbox reminded me of a particular good memory of some gifts from Santa Claus one year at Grandmother's house... very bright (psychedelic design) pajamas that looked like 'I dream of Jennie outfits'. My little sister Cathy received very bright blue pajamas and mine were very bright pink. This same year I received a large pink stuffed cat animal with w/zipper pocket on it's tummy...a good place to hide little things. This stuffed animal sorta matched my PJ's and I remember that I really thought it was pretty. My little 'sis' Cathy was about 9 and I about 11years old. This same year my brother David received the guitar he asked Santa for. He was a teen-ager.  

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  1. Great matchbox today- I love all the little touches of sweetness!