Saturday, October 8, 2011

Outside Kairos #8 was great!

A rainbow in Oz

Yippee! A beautiful fall Saturday in Kansas it is. Seems like I've been waiting forever for a day like this one.  I love the crimson colors of the changing trees in the Valley and hope you are enjoying the same in your neck of the woods.
Back to my blogspot(s) to share a little about what I've been up to. More weeks flying is full with family, work and lots of others....  How refreshing, it just started to rain and smells so lovely. Wish you were here with me to share a cup of tea at the N2God Store. It's quiet as usual and I don't mind a bit. Yep, in a delightful frame of mind and it feels so good!
Just last weekend I served on Outside Kairos Wheatstate #8. Have you ever heard of this ministry? A little explaining...Outside Kairos offers retreats designed to help women who have or have had someone they love incarcerated. The retreat begins on Friday night and adjourns on Sunday afternoon. Wheatstate is a Kansas camp ground with cabins and facilities. Each cabin has about 20 bunk beds. Can't really tell you many details share it is three days full of love.
This Outside Kairos #8 was an amazing fun, healing weekend for 21 guests and 23+ team.  These retreats are designed to be a safe 'get-a-way' for women to be restored by the love of Christ and open to women without cost and more importantly without questions. "Who you see there, what you hear there...stays there". This three-day-walk is a spin off of Cursillo. A wonderful time to be both encouraged and inspired by talks presented by the team and Leader. Good company, good food and song. It's so true that when we share our troubles, we let people love us a little more. If you volunteer in your world....THANK YOU!
Wheatstate Camp is a very quiet serene place. Unfortunately because of the drought here, the large pond was bone dry. Again, I went to serve to give and come back with SO MUCH MORE. Like when you share a smile or a little bit of sunshine, it comes right back on you doesn't it? I made more wonderful friends for my journey of life. My favorite part of being on the team is serving with women of all faiths. The retreat is open to all women...even those who choose not to believe. The follow-up for guests and team are the 'Pray and Shares' which are held in Wichita and surrounding areas. There is even one held at the N2God Store. Awesome time of faith sharing and inspiration. I love and need my Kairos sisters on my journey of life.
Some ask me 'Why do you want to volunteer on such a weekend?' I quickly answer because people need people and we all need to know we are not alone in our life struggles. We are the body of Christ and He does work through all sorts of people and personalities. Some will admit that their world is slowly going to pieces economically, socially and sometime even morally. On the outside they seem to be holding their own, but deep within they know that all is not right. Within the Kairos ministry comes many blessings. We share His promises and remind the guests that they are never alone. God's love is so amazing, so divine and He wants relationship with all of us. We belong to 'The King'. It is unfortunate that bad things do happen to good people and my little 'call' is to remind others that it's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it. Yep, it's my own reminder to take hold of and every time I speak these words out loud...I believe them more. We don't always get what we deserve however the time will come when we do. That's the good news for the day or should I say the 'God news' for the day?
Patty in Oz