Friday, February 14, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow day, February 4th 2014...snow much fun crafting all the day long

The only thing missing is the fireplace lit up!
Why 2 banners? One for here and one for there. A girl can never have too many hearts.
Here is a preview of the St. Valentine banners for my sisters Cathy & Mary . I'm going to art the other side with special words and messages especially for them. One message may be 'A get yourself well...Spring is is on the way' or something like that.
XOXOX my sis Cathy & I say 4 ' I love you!' She'll get a hoot out of the slap bracelet. (Found them at Walmart for only $1.00 each.)

My sis Mary drew 'The Charmed Life' art above. Replica of a Mary Engelbreit. Two very artsy ladies! 

On the right, a dye cut card blinged up a bit.

Found this art paper at Mrs. O'Learys in Old Town Wichita.
If ever I get lost....I can probably be found in some nook & cranny of this store dreaming about the next project using the right side of my brain. This store is amazing!

Have your favorite kind of snow day! Half of U.S.A. is in this together. Yikes!!
Patty in Oz