Sunday, December 5, 2010

#5 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap ~ from Sarah S.

Made by Sarah S.
  Day 5 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap Another surprise! I'm like a little girl...this is so much fun. Have a great Sunday friends.
 #5 matchbox was created by Sarah S. A little burst of spring and cute as a button! The embossed tree art on the tag is so interesting. I don't think I have near the patience as Sarah. Sure will treasure your gift...thank you Sarah! Do you know the meaning of your beautiful name? Sarah means princess.
  Merry Christmas Princess Sarah!
 My Christmas memory to share today December 5, 2010 ~ To celebrate one of our first Christmas' at our farm house...I just 'had to have' a real living Christmas tree. I love trees...especially pine trees. Because of the nature of a living tree I became concerned that the furnace heat would surely kill our little living 3' pine tree so I decided that we would keep it in our house addition (which at the time was an unfinished room we were adding on the main house) w/out heating vents hooked up. I remember all of us 'our family' taking turns running back and forth from the kitchen into that 'freezing' room to get Christmas presents. The kids were young and so cute!

Ummm...what was I thinking? Oh well, the memory is funny now. I can only image how confused Santa was.


  1. Sweet.... I am having such a great time checking out all the sweet little boxes and the treasures they hold. Each day I am excited to see what is in my next one. Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!

    What a funny story about the living tree and the cold Christmas morning!

  2. very sweet matchbox and tree art embossed tag....

    lol...i love your story about the living tree...i remember our 1st Christmas we had on our farm, i was 9 and my brother was almost 11 and we decided we wanted a real, together we went and cut down a tree in our pasture with a hand saw, and didn't realize how big the tree really was til we had to haul it back to the house and especially when we tried to stand it up!!! It was HUGE..!! It was really wide and really tall and i'm not sure how we got it in the house, but we did not have central heat in the living room that it ended up in either...!! :)

    sorry, but your story brought back those memories of living on the farm, and i just couldn't hold it in... ;)

    btw, i have your really sweet angel #6 matchbox with the adorable hair barret that i am going to show-case on my blog sometime tomorrow...thank you so much for them!!

    okay, i'm really going now...!! have a good evening!!


  3. Good morning Tracy,

    First, I want you to know you made my day sharing your Christmas story....Thanks a million. I tried to imagine what that would be like...digging up trees...OH, very hard work. I bet your brother & you still laugh about that challenge.

    Thank you for visiting. May you be blessed with a perfect warm and wonderful week.


  4. hey, Patty!

    No, actually you and Mrs. A. made my morning/day!!! :) ya'll really did make my day after i woke up and went to my computer and saw both of yall's very sweet comments on my blog...and then i came here and you had this here too and i went to her blog and she had written about me finding her gingerbread man on her blog post for the day!! i was waiting to leave a comment here after i got my post up, however, i didn't realize it was gonns take me almost all day just to get the post sorry!! thank you so much again for my sweet #6 matchbox and adorable barrette!

    lol...oh my, we would have never gotten that tree up if we had tried to keep it living by digging it up....No, way!! I forget what the name of the saw is that we used, but i know it was one that he could get on one end and i could get on the other...coz i don't think we would have made it if it was just one that one of us could use at a time...

    as much as i love this blog hopping and commenting and stuff, it is wearing me out!! lol

    keep warm and sleep well....!!

    cya later,