Friday, December 10, 2010

#10 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - this one all the way from England, created by Jan Smith

#10 matchbox was created by Jan Smith from England.
Please visit her lovely blog if you have time:

On this 10th day....when I opened Jan's matchbox present I have to be honest and tell you I cried. All the little details are amazing...right to the reindeer's red glowing nose & the heart button sewed! Wow...I wish I was as inventive as she. Thank you Jan. I will enjoy it for many years to come.

A favorite part of this matchbox from Jan...the most lovely glass angel with heart that was wrapped up in red tissue...just waiting for me to open. I think it is a reminder for me to remember my 'Guardian Angel'. I'm one who believes everyone has a guardian angel. A long time ago I read a story on the subject of angels and it stated that we all are assigned our guardian angel the moment we come into the world...the moment we are born. Isn't that heart warming?

My Christmas memory to share today December 10, 2010 ~ this one a HSOL (huge smile out loud). It was one of the most exciting Christmas' because we were waiting for our first grand child to be born...the tears are coming....

Our WONDERFUL grandson was born just a few days before Christmas and I was blessed to be there watching him come into the world. A great memory! Such a beautiful baby and his head was full of curls. After his Mother (my amazing daughter) and his Daddy (an amazing person also) loved on him for a while...they handed Darian over to me. I took him into my arms open wide and I sang Darian 'Happy Birthday' as I rocked him in the rocking chair. What a memory!!! God is so good!!! Darian's birthday is coming again very soon...better hurry and get his card out. He is a treasured gift in our family!


  1. Hi Patti,
    Oh, you are like a ray of sunshine!! Thank you so much for visiting--what lovely treasures you received...Wishing you all the blessings of the season!!

  2. That is fabulous! Great matchbox & gift. ;)

  3. Sooo glad that you liked my lil box :)
    Jan x