Friday, December 7, 2012

TGIF Christmas is coming!

This morning it was so much fun visiting some of your blog spots. I'm getting the Christmas Spirit. Thank you for inspiring me by what you are doing to prepare for Christmas. 

Getting geared up to do some Christmas crafting tomorrow at the N2God Store, Saturday December 9th  at 10 am. The little match box ornaments are the cutest, everyone is unique as you place the little treasure of your choice inside. (some pictured above). Come join me if you can. The first time I opened one of these delightful little heart melted. So sweet to see the little baby Jesus laying on the little bed of straw. The other Christmas craft idea I've planned is making 'Wintertime Welcome cones' with embellishments...birds...berries...and greenery. I'll do my best to 'show and tell' and create a post later.

It's Friday and I have a long to-do list around our farm house. I've promised myself I would 'put up' our Nativity scene later this afternoon. We'll see if my plan works out as I would like for it to look really wonderful. We picked up a bale of straw for the dog house last week. The manger will be padded nicely. Of course I waited too long and let some gentle warm days past by. It's cold outside! Maybe I'll make some hot coco and enjoy the warmth of our fire place when I get finished....oh OK....when I get some of my 'to do' list finished.

Friends...I hope you have the best weekend imaginable!

Patty in Oz

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Making mosaic crosses in 'The Keeping Room'

Becky and I collected chipped pottery in a basket int the N2God Tea room for some months for this project. Most from my 'Beginner's Mosaic basics gift'.
I had no idea we'd have so much fun.

Now, there isn't anything easy about breaking up the pottery pieces.  It was VERY, VERY, VERY hard (literally). The one thing I didn't like at all. I just want to warn you ahead of time. There were memories in some of our pottery pieces or else I don't think we would have used them. I know...more re-purposing right?  One of my favorite worn out cups, had Scripture of 'Wisdom' written on it. It was a gift from a friend years ago.  I hated every minute of breaking the pieces and reminded myself that I would be putting something back together and it would be remarkable because God was going to guide us...helping each one of us to fit pieces of glass and ceramic close together and make something pretty, whole again. I loved this whole idea!!

Yes, unfortunately I did cut my fingers in a couple of places. No gain...right? If you try breaking up pottery, be sure to wear eye protection!! Ear protection wouldn't be a bad idea either. The basket collected...a  Happy Birthday cup, a beer stein, a beautiful antique saucer, the sugar bowl, a couple of small Mother's Day collector plates and more...

Honestly, I didn't have a clue about what I was going to put together this time...this time making a mosaic as a meditation, it was going to be different. I just knew that 'the Greatest God was right beside me, maybe whispering to my heart 'I will mend your broken heart, My Child, because I love you tenderly'. Thinking about that as I type these words makes my heart truly go pitter patter. I want you to consider that not only does He love me....He loves you!!

desire of my heart, to continue to put my life back together and creating my second mosaic  has helped me in the healing process. I often say to myself, and now I type, spell it out loud in words 'God is so  good to me.' In the Word, the Bible, it says to shout on the roof top the good things that God has done for you!
The ceramic pieces looked beautiful placed into containers. I took a fancy to the antique sugar bowl pieces.  They  are delicate with a very smooth surface. The baby blue flowers reminded me of the times wonderful times I held a baby my arms, just as last week when I met my great niece Vivian for the first time.  She is precious! There's not too many feelings that can compete with that.
The three musketeers mosaic crosses pictured. Phyllis, Becky and Rose were the best company! Too bad I didn't get any photos of the messy (fun?)  grouting. My hands were much too messy to use my camera.
I worked hard  keeping my ideas to other words....I wanted my friends to be lead by their own idea. It's hard for me to be quiet when I'm crafting. I'm trying to change...really I am. God's not done with me yet. My 'mosaic cross as a meditation' is far right. I'll try to show the finished cross after it is grouted.
My first mosaic cross (in photo above, far right) was crafted with  our beautiful daughter Amy. I waited patiently for months for us to  'make time' as I really needed her expertise. In other words....I just couldn't get started with out her help and that little nudge. She is truly my best girl friend! One of her many gifts is listening with her heart. When she learned of my interest to mosaic she gifted me with a huge box many mosaic projects. My flower mosaic cross is in my office. I chose the flower for inspiration to bloom where I'm planted and colors of the glass for the birthstone colors of all my family treasures.  A great memory I have spending time at home with Amy on a free Saturday afternoon in the front TV room at my little craft table. Amy practiced her Calligraphy technique as I began work on my first mosaic. Our granddaughters were visiting had great  big smiles & when Anna asked if she could  learn Calligraphy, I said "Why sure!" It gets pretty exciting when three generations get together to craft. Fun Central!
The three musketeers Becky, Rose and Phyllis got their title just yesterday because they are go-getters....they had the grout on their crosses before I could bat an eye. When they were ready for a snack...they didn't wait for me. I didn't plan to put together lunch however...the cream-cheese cucumber sandwiches, cold watermelon, pretzels and cold mango-peach tea were perfect for this very hot summer day.

If a picture is worth a thousand words....this one sure is! Our friend Adam was visiting and I invited him to be in the picture. What an inspiration Adam is. His smile and faith are contagious and every time he visits the N2God Store he has an inspirational song to share with me. 

Some friends just couldn't come today for one reason or another and they were missed. Then, one friend  who said she couldn't come because of her busy Saturday routine, came after all. Everything must be in God's timing and I'm getting more relaxed learning this very gradually...the hard way. One day at a time...

Becky, used pieces of a plate which once was once a gift from her sister, to add to the cross she made for that sister. Sweet!

The memories of this Saturday will be held near my heart because the company and insight of these friends makes my heart smile. A few of the many 'God Things' (as I refer them as) on this day in reflection, thoughts and quotes:

"Oh my, this cross I made for my sister has the birth date (month, day & year) of one of her children written on one of the pieces of ceramic!"

I encouraged one friend to please take the bowl of water melon home, after all I had the other half at home in the fridge. She said the fruit she just had purchased for her meals, wasn't ripe (didn't taste all that good). She knew and trusted God to provide for her and yes, He did.

On friend brought a gorgeous wooden bracelet with the most lovely 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' Icon art on it. She said that she felt that God wanted her to bring it today, that it was for someone here.  As much as I liked it...I knew instantly that it wasn't for me. "Oh my, it must be for Becky. We talked about Our Lady of Guadalupe picture for long time this morning when we shared faith". 

One friend found a copy of a book that was a desire of her heart, on top of a pile of books in the tea room. She recently shared the copy of her book with someone else. Happy as a lark she is to  have another copy.

Making more memories in 'The Keeping Room' was filled with blessings and I pray you will be blessed on this lovely Sunday!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

'Christian Prayer Flags' Kairos Fund Raiser

You are invited to this free crafting event Saturday June 30th at the N2God Store. 

Kairos Prison Ministry Fund Raiser
Date & Time: this Saturday, June 30 – Noon until about 3 pm
Place: N2God Store (air conditioned!)
813 W. 2nd
Wichita, KS

“May He grant your heart’s desire and fulfill all yours plans, may we shout for joy
when we hear of your victory, flying banners to honor our God”
Psalms 20:4-7

Come create your “Christian Prayer Flags” to hang on your porch, by a window like a wind chime, on your deck or where ever you would like to share your message and donations for this project will go to Kairos Prison Ministry. The wind will carry your messages (prayers) out in the world…for the Lord’s Word never returns empty. They can produce a wonderful harvest encouraging others to put on the mind of Christ. Your message (with the unique meaning) will be shared. As I researched ‘Christian Prayer Flags’, Vivika wrote “Christian Prayer Flags spread our positive hopes and prayers for peace, compassion ad creativity beyond the borders of our own little world”. Different colors represent different meanings.
Christian Prayer Flags- Orange- deity, Red- sacrifice, Blue- God’s Holy covering, Purple- royalty, White- His righteousness, Yellow- glory, Green- life

Or Flags focused on elements - Blue- space, White- air, Red- fire, Green- water, Yellow- earth
Plenty of fabric blocks (approx. 7” x 10”), a sewing machine, trims, ink and other notions are ready for you to create the images on your flags! You are welcome to bring fabric or accents for your flags. The sky is literally the limit for this project. RSVP not necessary. All are invited for the fun.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Yippee...'The Colors of Summer Giveaway' package is here!

What a surprise and big treat to win  aswapforallseasons

'The Colors of Summer Giveaway'

The box is full of the most amazing crafting items...and I plan to use them tomorrow! I can't thank Linda enough and I can't wait to start a new crafting project. I shared with Linda that friends and I are creating 'Christian Prayer Flags'. Hopefully my next post I can...

Show and Tell crafting with 'The Colors of Summer Giveaway' goodies galore!

It's been a long week and I couldn't wait to share with everyone how excited I am to be the winner of this amazing gift. My computer had a blogger problem and this morning my kind hubby fixed it. Blessed I am. Thank I am up and going.

A sad note...part of life...our precious grand dog 'Mocha', a sheltie14 human years, who we LOVE to pieces is going down hill fast....The weekend is finally here and I can spend a lot of  petting him. Gosh, it's so hard knowing that it's getting closer to that time...he is getting very tired and worn out. I just love him so much and have become very attached. We're trying to keep him cool, comfortable and feeling loved. That's my plan.

Have a wonderful weekend and come visit again soon and happy summer!!

Patty in Oz

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

aMAYzing aMusing Tussie Mussies 'Happy May Day!"

May Day Tussie Mussies

'Hugs and Kisses Tussie'

'Red bird and red/blue bow Tussie Mussie'

'Gold bow & rick rack Tussie'
'Pink ruffled lace and orange butterfly Tussie'

'Precious pink surprise Tussie for Lanie'

'A personalized gift Tussie Mussie''

'Delicate carnation cone Tussie with poppin' berries'

I sure hope everyone had an aMayzing May Day! I did however...I'm a little tired. My plan was to make a 'May Day' post...I'm only a day late. My first fund raiser for Kairos Ministry was a sweet success. I crafted (7) Mussie Tussies and offered them for any size donation. I was blessed with some help from one of our crafty grand daughters. She and I have so much in common.

The 2nd fun raiser I expect will be another good FUNraiser. Haven't started crafting them yet. They should be ready before 'Mother's Day' and yes....they have everything to do with spring flowers.

The Tussie Mussies are so delightful to hang on your front door or office door at work...they seem to have a way of making people smile and feel welcomed.

I enjoy watching tutorials 'how to'....maybe I'll make one the next time I craft Tussie Mussies. I have quite a few tips/suggestions to share. They are a sweet anytime gift for a friend, someone ill, a neighbor or as a hostess gift.  Everyone enjoys them.

Remember to bloom where you're planted.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kansas City antiquing fun

A 'one of a kind' lampshade

The dressing room behind the old glass window paned doors
Here, there and everywhere is where I've been the past weeks. Hope you are doing great and enjoying spring as I am. I'm excited to get back blogging and then I learn that I have a new browser....I'm going to have to retrain myself again. Mom is so right that the one thing we can count on in life is change.

Spring has sprung and I must get busy on my fund raiser idea for Kairos and will make a 'new' post soon of my project. Outside Kairos is a prison ministry that I am blessed to serve on. Healing inspiration retreats are planned for women who have or have had loved ones incarcerated. The weekend retreat is funded by donations and fund raisers. It's an awesome experience and I have made lifetime friendships.

Pictured above are some favorite photos of Kansas City 'Old Town'. It was so much fun...especially going to Good Ju Ju's (sp?) which is open only on the first Saturday of the month. It's a humongous ware house full of old stuff re purposed. Quite fascinating!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

'Homemade Valentines are in the mail...'

'Happy St. Valentine's Day'
Pictured are the Valentines I crafted for friends. Actually, the envelopes are pictured (the valentines are enclosed).
A few warned me "The Post Office is not going to like you". They were made with love and dropped into the mailbox yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they reach their destinations...especially the one to the Netherlands.
Every year I try something 'new' to celebrate St. Valentine's Day and when I read my friend Linda's post about 'her Puzzle Piece mail' I was intrigued. I decided to hand sew valentines for swap partners I've have been blessed to meet these past few years. Mostly to tell them  'or you if you are one' that I'm thinking about you and appreciate the fun you each have brought into my life. Having blog friends is a wonderful blessing don't you agree? Heartfelt thanks to 'Amazing Amy', Kyra, Pam, 'sweet Karen', Linda, Mary, Jo, Ina and Wendy for making my heart smile over and over again!!
Just found the rooster stamp last week! It was in a box of vintage 'Teacher' stamps. I had to laugh, one stamp read 'did not listen'. Oh my...I remember those stamps!

Tucked inside each heart envelope card is a valentine with a special note...I still have the 'joy' of what each person created and sent my way. It would have terrific to make one for each of the 'Count down to Christmas Match box swap' friends unfortunately...I just couldn't do so. Each and every altered matchbox is a Christmas treasure!
Have a very sweet St. Valentine's Day. Reach out and touch someone with a hug & smile. Pass it on.... 

A favorite quote:
"The Best & Most Beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the Heart"

- Helen Keller
Author 1880 - 1968