Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'All About Aprons Tea' invitations

Sending this invite to Sally H. 'The Apron Lady'
Sally is my special guest who is going to tell us all bout aprons.
  Oh it was a great weekend...I really got into my happy place going to the State Fair and crafting invitations for my 'All About Aprons Tea' in October.

It was so much fun and interesting how what I thought wouldn't work well...worked the best. Evites are great however I have friends who don't get online often and I wish to have their company. Then too...I'm one of those 'love to have it in my hands' (why I like swapping kind of gal. Sometime I share both with the same friends. I'm not sure if I'm breaking a rule and making a new rule that 'it's all good'. While crafting we all know getting the fun chance to express yourself with the abundance of art media choices available. A few feathers tucked in 'here and there' and oh yes, those cherries need to pop with a dap of my red glitter glue. Monograms on aprons...that special touch when ever I could make it work. Did you find the invite with a feather? (Above photo - top row, second invite from the left).

The invite being mailed to my sis Mary R. today. She is such a sweet heart...gave me two altered aprons on my last visit to see her. I'm looking forward to showing them at the tea.

I hope my dear friend Wanda M. can come! It's a long drive for her. 
The one above sent to my friend Karen H. It'll be a longer drive for her.
She's a fun loving gal!

My 'All About Aprons Tea' is going to be sew so much fun!

"The 2014 Hutchinson Kansas State Fair"

"2014 Hutchinson Kansas State Fair"
Saturday, September 6, 2014 


Art on an apron at Apron Strings, Hutchinson, KS
Hutchinson art on Main Street
 I can't wait to go to the 2015 Kansas State Fair. 
We sure had fun!!