Monday, December 6, 2010

#6 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap ~ created by Bonnie L.

Day 6 ~ Join in the fun viewing all the beautiful match boxes. Go to the Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap There is a list of those participating. You'll surely find the Christmas inspiration you are looking for.

 #6 matchbox was created by Bonnie L. - Isn't it beautiful? When I opened the box and found the little felt ornament...a memory came instantly! Thank you Bonnie for sharing your talent of creativity and sewing too. The little 'silver rick rack decoration' is so sweet.

My Christmas memory to share today December 6, 2010 ~ The little white & blue treasure I just received from Bonnie reminded me of  the three 'priceless' beautiful felt Christmas stockings that I made for my children years ago....when the kids were small. I worked so hard and long and remember how sweet they turned out. I loved putting them out every year as each one was uniquely different, very ornate and all the same size. Sweet memories watching the children dig into their stockings Christmas morning to see what Santa Claus left for them. No coals or rocks in the Christmas stockings at our house! My kids were really good kids...especially around Christmas.


  1. Love the graphic and the felt ornie...and that your children were so good, now THAT'S a sweet memory !!!

  2. Another beautiful matchbox and some lovely memories too!

  3. Sweet little felted square...and story! I love the different vintage Chrismtas seals Bonnie used on her matchboxes.

  4. Bonnie’s little handmade ornament are so dear that I have started making them for the other teachers at my school. She is so creative. Love your matchbox. Happy Holidays from Genie.