Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our very fun Thanksgiving weekend November 2011...

"Thanksgiving weekend November 2011"
 -Last week was the l--o--n--g--e--s--t ....I'm not normally a clock watcher but yikes...I was one on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Actually I did accomplish quite a bit at work...surprisingly!

Plans danced in my head of the fun time in store ahead to spend time with our daughter and her wonderful family. Oh my, her house is so comfy and Darian shares his bedroom suite with his Grandpa pa and I when ever we come for a visit. I love soaking in the tub...lots of hot water and so quiet...

My daughter e-mailed me at work Wednesday and said that the Menu was fit for Kings and Queens and she wasn't kidding. Amy is an excellent cook and the 'Thanksgiving Menu' was as follows:


Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls, Bacon
Lunch FEAST: Turkey, Sausage Stuffing, Cheesy Corn Bake, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Dinner Rolls, Deviled Eggs, Jellied Cranberry Sausage, Pumpkin and Pecan Pies
Dinner: Leftovers

Breakfast Sausage, eggs and toast
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich Leftovers
Dinner: Seafood Bisque

Breakfast: Sausage Egg and Cheese Casserole
Lunch: Warrens burg, MO
Dinner: Spaghetti Pie

Breakfast: Eggs and Biscuits and Gravy
Lunch: Leftovers

Bon Appetite!
As I was heading home from work I noticed immediately that my 'what I thought was my oil light' come on in my car. Oh my...what's wrong now?? My car is 2003 and has high mileage. I thought to myself "No problems please."
When I arrived at the farm to my surprise...our son and all of his girls were there. I learned that they were there, enjoying the country since around noon. The hugs from all of my grand daughters as I made my way from the driveway to the house were PRICELESS. Oh what a huge smile appeared on my face as I kissed each one of them on the head. Watching Little Louise come running to hug me was so cute. She's only two and her head of blond curls delighted me. As I went onto the veranda I asked myself 'how will I ever be ready to leave for our trip with a houseful of family?'. I sat and visited with all the children and she shared their shopping adventure to the Novelty Store near down down. Our son is such a prankster and his girls are following his foot steps...."I'm sorry of the girls has spilled nail polish on the kitchen table."  "No!" I said as I hurried to the kitchen. It looked authentic but as everyone laughed...and I took a closer was a gimmick. It was a make-believe spilled bottle of nail polish. A spirit of fun was in the air. Next, one of the girls handed me their black 'long hair' fake wig. Of course I put it on...and looked quite funny at that. What really was funny was one of the girls putting it on little Helen's head. We laughed even louder and Helen's Mom quickly removed it saying "that didn't look too nice at all!" Next the funny eye glasses...Josie said "Grand ma ma, will  you take a picture of me?" She was so cute...looked like a movie star wearing her horn rimmed glasses purchased this afternoon." I had to tell her that my camera was packed away deep in my suitcase:".  Josie is quite a ham...cute at the dickens!

Good bye hugs and peanut  butter kisses and my hubby and I were off to our Thanksgiving vacation. Jason and his dad checked out the car trying hard to find the problems...checking fluids and such. Looking at the engine light still on...with concern...I said a prayer out loud asking  St. Christoper (patron saint of travels) for him to intercede for us to have safe travels. Off Randy, Mocha and I went....
Thursday ~ Thanksgiving day with family! The best!

Our daughter Amy decorates so special every year~

Friday ~ Up and atom shopping a bit before heading to my daughters work place for the afternoon. The afternoon went by quickly and as soon as we arrived back at my daughters, she immediately began preparing the seafood bisque. The aroma flooded the house and I especially liked smelling 3 garlic cloves steaming along side the lobster and scallops.  Crab meat, scrimp, lobster and scallops with a roux (blended butter and spices and half & half). Oh my goodness...was that bisque a treat! Honesty I'm not normally big on seafood but I'm changing. We enjoyed Cream cheese Povitica (Slovak bread) from Strawberry Hill Company. It was so good and twice as much interesting learning the process of how it is made. Po-va-tet-sa is a traditional Eastern European "swirled bread' hand-made using an old world recipe. They roll the dough into a tin "skin," coat it with layers of Scrupulous filings, hand roll into loaves and bake. After clean-up we watched a TV series called 'Gold Rush'...quite entertaining.


Saturday morning we woke to a raining cold day...perfect for antiquing 'Yippee'.  Six of the family loaded up in the van and traveled to Warrensburg, MO to visit 'Those where the Days'  Antique and consignment Store. It was spread out over 50,000 square feet!! The following are a few photos I took inside the shop. It was so much fun going to a new place!! It was really fun and then some!

Some of the family 'lite shoppers' headed over to the Bar & Grill to grab a bite a of lunch and find out who was winning the KU and MU football game. At half time KU was ahead so my 'Wonderful' son in law was in a good mood.

Saturday night, while most people are eating left-overs, our daughter is in the kitchen again creating a 'Spagetti Pie'.

'Mama mi! It was wonderful!'
The kitchen again smelled so good. Later on we had 'Show & Tell' with our shopping finds.  I did find a few treasures for the N2God Store.
On Saturday evening our friend Kim came over to visit. It was so good to see her! The three of us got busy working on our 'tie necklaces'. Our art project for the weekend~

~ Amy's ~

The 'tie necklace' I make for Karen turned out pretty sweet too.
Come on now...use your imagination...
Later, I will try to make a 'how to' post on creating these re-purposed item.
It can be worn with a sweater, Tee or blouse w/o collar.
Interesting? We think so. Can't seem to get my hubby to wear one these days..
many to choose from in the closet!

Sunday morning off to Mass at Prince of Peace, then we joined Amy's family and went to their church 'Indian Creek'. After arriving back at their home..we guessed it... 'left overs'.

 Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was great too!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Amy & Chris!! Love you all so much.

Christmas ideas are dancing in my head and heart as I plan the Christmas Open House 'December 10th'. Please make plans and mark your calendar because we  hope to see you there.

Patty in Oz 

Monday, November 14, 2011

"Fall" A most beautiful time on the farm!

Did you get fall fever this year? I sure did...I seem to get it every year.
I LOVE being in the quiet beauty of autumn! How about you?
The Kansas wind? Oh my, I can't get enough of it.

 "Our back door welcome wreath"
This was 'Tree Cat's' home for two winters. Tree Cat was very interesting...I guess that goes without saying since she lived in a of the wild cats who normally chose one of the old barns to hide in.

Our 'Blazing Glory' tree!
'Home Sweet Home'
Now it's where the grand-kids roam.

Mocha our grand-dog.

Do you see our 'Red Dinosaur' tractor behind the tree?
It has mowed many fields in it's day.

This is probably my all time favorite tree and the wood pecker's favorite tree.
More than once we have been entertained watching 'baby' wood peckers peck.

To the left is our VERY old alligator pear tree.
Many years ago, our horse 'Nicholas' almost foundered...
he loved the sweet pears too much! Because of the drought this
year, there was very little fruit produced.
One exception, our black walnuts were MANY. One little squirrel hoarded them
in a big hole by our road. We tried to figure out why and I've come to the
conclusion that he may be thinking about moving on....?

The skies in Kansas! So beautiful with changes very moment.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free!...Make a Christmas ornament class...Free!

If you are looking for a little fun venture this weekend, please come visit the N2God Store Saturday, November 5th ~ 813W. 2nd ~ Wichita, KS. (free parking in front of store)

From noon - 1:00 p.m. we will craft Christmas tree ornaments, both wooden angels and the cutest snowmen. I have been blessed and can provide everything needed at no cost. No need to sign up...and walk-ins are welcome. If you'd like to know a little more about our gifts and store hours for November -
please visit or

Hope you can come even if only for a little while. We can catch up on what is new and share our plans for Thanksgiving time. Thank you!

God is with us.
Patty in Oz