Friday, February 11, 2011

Mini fabric collage arrived! Wait till you see what Mary made!

The beautiful 'Winter fabric collage' from my swap partner Mary.
A little itsy bitsy 2011 February calendar pasted on the matchbox.

The backside of the collage (showing the lovely double wedding ring quilt piece)
What a wonderful afternoon in spite of the weather breaking low temps in Wichita, Kansas! I came home to find a package from Mary (my swap partner) for the
'Mini fabric collage swap'. Mary and I finished our projects a bit earlier and our plan had the perfect timing for they both arrived one day apart. Yep, we couldn't have planned it better except it has taken me longer to make my post. Mary has an amazing blogspot.. you'll want to visit her at - I am very blessed to have her my new friend! She and I both didn't take photos of our collages so we are making up for it now. Actually this is one of my favorite parts of swaps...getting to know someone new and discovering their uniqueness. She a jewel! favorite word for my collage is 'dreamy'! When I looked at it again this morning I discovered even more details.

Thank you Mary, your the best to show and tell about the one I made for  her and honestly I enjoyed 'putting it all together'...that made my heart smile. It was a bit of a challenge...I didn't know where to start or where to end because I don't work very much with fabrics. I think that the one Mary made is SO much prettier than mine.

Mary tucked in some little surprises....candy kisses and I needed to use my magnifying glass to read the notes on the cards...I was entertained for quite a spell. Mary tied them with a string attached to the little clever is that?
The fabric collage was wrapped in a music song sheet titled 'FUN, FUN, FUN' by Brian Wilson and Mike Love and stamped 'Happy St. Valentine's day!' in red ink.
I gently attached the cross on the stone.
Did you find the little sweet white antique doll shoe sewed on under the blue bow? Hmmm...what little girl dressed up her doll with those years ago I wonder...
I really like how she (stamped?) the word angel in the old type face!
Isn't that the prettiest red stone pin and cross? My second shot on my lunch break was so much better! I'll happily wear it on a suit and for sure on my Valentine's day sweater and return it to it's home (the collage) when I'm not showing it off...ha, ha. Red to remind me of Mary's St. Valentine's surprise! I love the Rosary may be wondering....? I have a special devotion to Our Lady and the Rosary. A little explanation, Catholics don't pray to Mary, we pray for her intercession because we believe she is the greatest Saint.  My husband pointed out the beads are made of olive wood.

In all the different quilt patterns, Mary's collage included my favorite pattern....the double wedding ring! How in the world...what are the chances that my favorite pattern would be included in her collage made for me? That's what's truly amazing...when God grants you the desires of your heart because He really knows you love Him and He loves all of us so. I can't thank Mary enough. She make my heart smile over and over again!

'Heart felt thanks' Mary and a prayer for your intentions.

Have a blessed day everyone!