Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#15 Countdown to Christmas matchbox created by Sherry E.

Day 15 ~ Go to the Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap:

 #15 matchbox was created by Sherry E.
Isn't it pretty. The altered domino is decorated on both sides and looks so cute on my little Christmas tree in the kitchen...where I can get a smile every time I pass by. Thank you Sherry for sharing your authentic artist side...incredible all you artists are. I really loved the little package you had it in...the red ribbon stapled on the cheery!

My Christmas memory to share today December 15, 2010 ~ about 25 years ago we drew names at work for a Christmas gift exchange. My young nephew drew my name and he bought me a 'light weight' red and green snow shovel. I remember putting on a happy face and thinking 'I wish I would have got some lotion, a pretty pair of earrings...something girly you know?' Anyway...still have that shovel and it has been a wonderful gift through the years. Chris is very of his many wonderful qualities. And yes...we had a lot of snow that year!


  1. OMG How funny is that? A shovel. Leave it to a guy! LOL.
    Today it has been 44 years since my Dad died. That is what I always think of on Dec 15th. I was 8. Seems like a lifetime ago.
    Loving that you are posting every day! Look at you! Quite a change from the first Patty that blogged once a month! Seems like we've switched places. I don't know how these people do it - blog and work and try to keep up home and family. It's hard!
    Have a wonderful day! And Merry Christmas! It's getting closer isn't it? LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    :) Hugs. Karen

  2. I love your Christmas stories each day. I also received one of Sherry's's so pretty!

  3. Hi Patty, thanks for your email. I'm glad you like my matchbox and gift. Your memory made me smile, what a sweet nephew and his gift did turn out to be useful - and lasted much longer than any lotion would have.

    Merry Christmas to you and all your family xx