Sunday, December 12, 2010

#12 Countdown to Christmas matchbox created by Angela C. & I'm sharing a new Christmas memory all 25 days

Yes, Angela! Joy to the world!
Day 12 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap' hosted by ~ It's hard to believe that we are on day 12 isn't it? Our matchbox Christmas tree looks so pretty covered with every one's artsy matchboxes. Yes, my hubby even likes them and he's amazed how we can sit and make things for hours. Oh my...he didn't have nice things to say about the pink glitter all around my comfy chair and then all over the kitchen as I moved things around... Oh well...I say "Christmas is a time to let it Shine!"

#12 matchbox was created by Angela C. Her blogspot is - if you want to hop on over and visit her. The name she chose for her blog is perfect because she is down to the darling details. I shared in an earlier post that joy is one of my favorite words and I love the dove. You may not see all the darling let me tell you...the white trim is velvet (so sweet!) The red & silver candy cane (is made from art sticks like pipe cleaners). Thank you are an angel 'like your name' to make & share something so sweet.

My Christmas memory to share today December 12, 2010 ~ One Christmas neighbors left a plate of Christmas cookies at our back door. We have the best neighbors in the world! The story goes like this...It was a few days before Christmas when we came home and found large empty paper plate half covered with plastic wrap, an untied ribbon with a Christmas card attached just laying by the back door on the veranda. I was so embarrassed! ..and when our neighbors asked if we got the surprise they left I said 'Yes, thank you'. (The real surprise was..we didn't even see the cookies. Thank goodness the card didn't blow away...we live in Kansas). I felt bad at the time...I just couldn't tell them that the cookies tasted good because I didnt' know. It's really funny when I think about it now....
Did you guess? Our farm dogs Buster and Buddy ate the cookies...all of them! Yep, 'the guys' our two bloodhounds had quite a treat while we were gone.

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