Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pears! Pears! Get your free pears here!

I've been away for a few GREAT weeks and it's so much fun to return to blogging this morning. I'll catch you up on what I've been up to. In order to accomplish all that was on my to do list, I had to focus, focus, focus. So much to do. I can't wait to catch up 'reading your blogs' too!

We've had some very fun days visiting family & friends and today I am finishing up on my 25 days of Christmas match book swap (so cute!) with Linda at, and last but not least we went on another fantastic fall vacation to Mackinaw City & Mackinac Island. I love Michigan. Our sight seeing weather perfect but the trees had only a tinge of fall color. I long to see the red maple trees in their glory. Seaside time was savored every single minute.

We attended the most lovely wedding of Annastasia and Danny in Tipp City, Ohio and headed north for four lovely days in one of our favorite vacation spots. Unfortunately...I have misplaced the memory card with the wedding photos. Oh, I'm so upset...I've looked everywhere twice. Yes, I called on St. Anthony. The wedding and reception venue was the most lovely, country Inn. We It was so beautiful and had many unique personal touches. We had an awesome time and getting away was just what we needed! The following are a few favorite photos of our weeks leading us to 'Pear Time' here at home in Valley Center, Kansas. We are amazed at our huge crop of both pear and apples. The clusters of Bartlet Pears are amazing sweet and the trees need picked again very soon. This year we take time make Grandma Eva's Pear Honey! Pies, jelly and cobbler...ummm. I'll dig out Grandpa Powell's pear honey recipe...a tastey one...I hope to share later. Seriously, we will share our pears. Just let me know if you're in the Wichita, Kansas area.