Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#7 Count down to Christmas match box swap - this one created by Michelle C.

Day 7 ~ If you haven't already, have some fun viewing all the beautiful match boxes. I believe there are 70-75 people who have joined this swap and we're sharing photos of our little treasures. Go to the Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap: www.aswapforallseasons.blogspot.com

 #7 matchbox was created by Michelle C. - Oh boy...I was hoping I would get one of these bottle cap arts & this one has a tiny Santa and magnet too...cute. The box is lined with silk fabric and has printed music notes and I really like all the different colors of glitter. Thank you Michelle! I will treasure your match box for many years.

My Christmas memory to share today December 7, 2010 ~ The music notes reminded me of a very special memory of long ago. Every year getting out to the Children's Christmas Program at Grade School was always a big high light for us about one week before Christmas. The children worked very hard and it was their gift to us. They sounded like angels. There was always a manger with the story of the baby Jesus being born.  Don't you love to hear children sing? I sure do.


  1. another great box and inside treasure...
    one of my sweetest memories is of my GRANDson singing in a church musical...how can you resist the sweet little faces and voices ((())

  2. What a sweet box and gift! This swap has been such a fun event!

  3. Patty,
    We received your #7 box. Thank you so much!

    Michelle and Ashley

  4. I'm so glad you like my creation! Merry Christmas!