Thursday, December 30, 2010

The aprons have been hung in 'The Keeping Room' with care....

 Exciting news...if you haven't heard....I chased, caught and dusted off a dream and
the N2 God Store is opening this Saturday January 1st!
It's definitely what I refer to as 'A God thing'
EVERYONE is invited to join in the fun…...........
even if you're not in Kansas anymore…ha, ha.

When you have time, please stop by
my store information blogspot
(leaving a comment on one of the posts, sharing one of your favorite scriptures)
(please leave a comment on this post, sharing one of your favorite scriptures)
sometime during January 1-8, 2011

Your name will be added into the ‘Prize Drawing’ for a very unique Vintage Item
and a sweet and wonderful gift for your journey. I will announce the winner's first name and a photo of the prizes won. One winner will receive 2 prizes.

The store, God’s Store is open ‘most’ Saturdays 813 W. 2nd, Wichita, KS
and online 24/7

My husband is presently ‘fine tuning’ the…we have hope
that the site will be up 'completely' very soon.
We offer gifts for the Spiritual Journey on the site and store and include Antiques and ‘Old Stuff’ at the N2 God Saturday store. An interesting place to be inspired by many messages everywhere. Everyone knows I love the Lord and His Word!

Heartfelt thanks to all of you. May the coming
new year 2011 bring with it many blessings and new discoveries.

A special thanks to our 'Sister' Karen at somedaysarediamonds.blogspot for helping get the 'news' out. Karen, you're the best!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from our hearts to yours!

A gift for newly wedded couple's first Christmas together.

Our Christmas tree mouse. One of the three babies I shared in a memory.

An ornament received last year from a good friend.
Happy Birthday baby Jesus!

A Christmas gift from the girls for their Mama
The sewing basket I put together for my beautiful Grand daughter.
A vintage sewing can for another beautiful Grand daughter.
Look at what I placed inside.
The items in the vintage sewing can I put together are very similar to the sewing basket.
Here is an array of fun doll house furniture I discovered at a thrift store this summer. The clothes dryer spins..the angel on the table twirls...and more. These items will help furnish the  fantastic 'huge' doll house on wheels built with much love from a grand pa.
The doll house furniture sacked up to spread the Christmas fun!

Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap by one of my Christmas joys this year! 

Rockin' Reindeer for one of my friends who loves sharing fun.

Christmas tree in the Little Ladies Playroom.

Mocha...our grand dog ready to play with the Grand kids!

Hip Hip Hooray! It fit 'very tightly' in the box and was received about 1 week before Christmas. The little dress with tea pots & matching head band...the cutest for the new baby!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#22, #23, #24 and part of #25 (the note not open until Christmas) ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap

#22 Matchbox treasure is from Francie T. ~
#23 Matchbox treasure is from Carol G. ~
#24 Matchbox treasure is from Pam S. ~

#25 Matchbox treasure is from Jenna Z. ~
(The tiny wrapped up gift inside reads 'do not open until December 25th. It's gonna be hard to wait Jenna!)      

The Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap has been so much fun! My friends who I've been 'showing and telling about the matchbox treasures' have been asking if there will be a swap like this next year. I can only imagine how hard Linda worked putting this all together. Heart felt thanks Linda. Your ideas are amazing. I will totally understand if you need a long restful year vacation.
This swap will be one on my favorite Christmas memories to share for years to come. I'm trying to contact every blogger friend whose matchboxes I have received to thank them.

Do I have favorites...yes....all 25 of them are my favorites. I can't wait to sit with my Grandchildren at Christmas and show them the little surprises inside.

Special 'Christmas time' posts coming from and soon. I MUST finish wrapping, preparing for company and getting ready for the 'Grand Opening at N2God Saturday store January 1, 2011'. The N2God store will offer beautiful religious items and 'Old Stuff...'

We can't wait to see what God's plans are! God is good!

Patty in Oz (stwant2be)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#21 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - today's is from Shannon L.

Go to and click on the links for a great time of fun.

#21 matchbox was created by Shannon L. Shannon, the matchbox is the sweetest! Thank you very much. The tiny white pom pom trim and the (metal word art)  joy w/bell tickled me pink with a smile. I will treasure your sweet gift for years to come. Your matchbox looks awesome on my kitchen Christmas tree. Please visit Shannon's lovely blog if you have time-

My Christmas memory to share today December 21, 2010 ~ The trips with my Mom and five brothers and sisters to spend Christmas' with our Grandparents in New Mexico. These were back in the days when the speed limit was 50 MPH...can you imagine how long it took to get there? 'Are we there yet?'  'Are we there yet?'  'Are we there yet?'

I remember being in the back seat of our old white Chevy station wagon...brushing my old sister Mary's long red hair for what seemed like hours. We'd laugh and much static electricity...her hair was sticking up straight 'all over the place'. I remember the sandwiches and hard boiled eggs and the big cooler of cool-aid Mom prepared for the long trip to save money...things were very tight. I remember it felt so special all of us being together. There was a sad time years before that we weren't together.

Shannon's pink matchbox reminded me of a particular good memory of some gifts from Santa Claus one year at Grandmother's house... very bright (psychedelic design) pajamas that looked like 'I dream of Jennie outfits'. My little sister Cathy received very bright blue pajamas and mine were very bright pink. This same year I received a large pink stuffed cat animal with w/zipper pocket on it's tummy...a good place to hide little things. This stuffed animal sorta matched my PJ's and I remember that I really thought it was pretty. My little 'sis' Cathy was about 9 and I about 11years old. This same year my brother David received the guitar he asked Santa for. He was a teen-ager.  

Monday, December 20, 2010

#20 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - today little treasure is from Kathy M.

Visit and see the view a bunch more matchboxes!

#20 matchbox was created Kathy M. Kathy, your matchbox is truly one of my 25 favorites! I really like vintage touches 'everywhere'. The old time Santa in bottle cap and the clothe ornament w/hanger are cute. Thank you very much Kathy. I will treasure your matchbox for many years to come. The second photo is backside of her matchbox...a cute tin stocking  and the hanger with a glass bead nice.

 A memory to share today December 20, 2010 ~  Many years ago one of our daughter 's best friends Mandy visiting asked if we could take her young brothers sledding with us about a mile east of our farm house (a perfect place to sled). Of course we said sure. Kansas just had a very heavy snowfall the night before. I remember how very cold it was and the snowballs of fun we all had that afternoon!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

#19 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - from JoAnne B.

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas! Are you ready? I know I'm NOT ready to have the matchbox fun be over with. It has been so delightful...I feel totally blessed and can't thank 'LINDA' at enough for hosting it! It's going to be a very full week...I'm going to do my best to get every matchbox post's been my Christmas plan. I have my 'beautiful matchbox Christmas tree' on my kitchen table. I think I will take it with us when we visit neighbors and friends through this next week. I just know everyone will love seeing your artsy little boxes as much as I do. Way too much fun to keep to ourselves (hubby & me).

#19 matchbox was created JoAnne B.
So sweet it is and the little poinsettia tickles me...delicate and detailed. I really like creating with yoyos and the flower in the middle 'steals the show'. The little ornament is those big hats women once wore.
Her little note enclosed reads-

'MERRY CHRISTMAS! Use bale for pendant or ribbon as mini ornament.'

It's the sweetest JoAnne...thank you! I will treasure it for many years to come. Merry Christmas to you too!

A little Christmas memory to share today, Sunday, December 19, 2010 ~ One year at Christmas time when we were visiting my Mom she said excitedly to my children and I "My Christmas mouse had babies come see!"
I smiled because her Christmas mouse lived somewhere in the Christmas tree...a stuffed mouse doll wearing a red and white gingham dress with a lace apron...and a bonnet, very round about 8" tall and was made of fuzzy gray flannel material. When 'Grandma Jacky' took the grandchildren to the tree she said "You will have your own Christmas mouse this year." The kids thought looked and smiled real the three new baby Christmas mice. Three Christmas mice (stuffed animals for my two sisters and I). They looked exactly like my Mom's Christmas mouse except they were much smaller, about 5" tall. Every year since then (for about the last 30 years) we place our Christmas mouse in the tree somewhere. The story is that Christmas mouse keeps an eye on everything, visits and watches  Santa fill stockings and place presents under the tree. I think Mom dreamed up this fun & I love her for all the fun she gave year round.
Maybe it's time that our Christmas mouse has more babies..... 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

#18 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - today's is from Pam P.

On the 18th day of Christmas my friend Pam gave to me....the cutest little matchbox that filled me with more glee! ~ Be sure to visit to visit blogspots and view little matchbox treasures on posts everyday through Christmas.
  #18 matchbox is from and created by Pam P.
Thank you Pam! It is so special to receive one from someone I already know... 'lovely you'. You were so much fun to share the other swap with this summer. I will treasure your matchbox for years to come. Have the merriest Christmas ever Pam. Be blessed with all you need and a little more...hope Santa makes a good stop at your place. Your matchbox is so pretty and I  really like the colors you chose to create this box. How did you get all the art on so straight? My hand is never so steady. A true artist you are! 
 My Christmas memory to share today Saturday, December 18, 2010 ~ One year I helped my daughter in a contest at school. She was to create an angel out of a white paper plate. She and I worked so hard and poured our love and imagination into her paper plate angel. We used some little pieces of a feather for the angel's hair and glued on the tiniest little bead necklace (a little trinket from my jewelry box). I remember we glued pieces of a pine cone and a little bitty white satin ribbon. A wonderful memory she and I shared creating and then we discovered her angel to be the sweetest paper angel ever! This has be one of my most favorite Christmas memories! It was a contest in her class room and no she didn't win a prize however my little angel Sarah's 'angel won 1st Place in my heart'. I keep it in a special place take it out every year to remember. Some years we placed it proudly on the top of our Christmas tree. My daughter told me years ago that she LOVED that I keep it even after all these years.

Friday, December 17, 2010

#17 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - from Ann E.

Day 17 ~ Visit There are a list of links of people participating...just click and you'll get the Christmas spirit. It is a blessing to show and tell
 #17 matchbox was created by Ann E. her blogspot-
First I must share that it is my photo that is fuzzy NOT Ann's art. They are as clear as a bell and the sweetest little gifts! The Old time Santa arts are so interesting...I wonder why some of the Old time Santas looked scarey? The little square one is a pin to wear on my suit to work. Thanks a million Ann! Your matchbox & gift are to be treasured for years to come.

My Christmas memory to share today December 17, 2010 ~ May have shared some of this in an earlier post...about the summer we took our three Children to the North Pole in Colorado. Ever visited there? We went in the summer and the kids had a ball! Year round 'Winter Wonderland'. We stood in line for the kids could visit with Santa. Since we were on a tight budget I asked the lady taking pictures if we could take our own picture of our kids and Santa. We did and I remember the Santa giving me a somewhat ugly look...he looked a little like the Santa in the bottle cap art above LOL. He was not happy for me to take my own photo...was their 'money making sceme'. Oh well, the picture was 'so cute' that we ordered postcards from K-Mart and sent them out the next year at Christmas. It was a wonderful vacation and trip in Colorado. I remember this amusement park even had huge 'unhappy' live reindeer and elves in a workshop making toys. The kids had a great time and that's what it was all about.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

#16 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - today's gift from Becky J.

Day 16 ~ Visit there is a list of all the people participating. It's a lot of fun seeing what everyone has received.
 #16 matchbox was created by Becky J. Thank you Becky...I can't believe all the little details everywhere and the pretty package! The best part was opening up the tiny present wrapped up in fabric tied with a bow. How did you do that? It was the tiniest present ever and truly clever. The little gingerbread man gives me the biggest smile.

The Christmas memory to share today December 16, 2010 is very literally a 'little work in progress' however Becky's little wrapped present inspired me to share with you.

A very soon Saturday after Christmas the N2God store in Wichita, Kansas will be open. This store a little dream coming true...with lots to unfold in God's timing.

Our tiny 'Trash and Treasures' cottage will be showing in one of the big windows to be viewed by people walking down the sidewalk in front of the store. Yes, that is really what the artist named this little cottage. I'm going to hang lights and decorate it up on the outside for Winter Time. It's an incredible little treasure and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the side of the store (in the miniature cottage) decorated for Christmas complete with the tiniest Nativity scene ever. If you have time please visit- of my blogspots...there will be more to come about having fun recycling and enjoying other's old stuff (speaking lightly about junk). If you look very closely in the photos you will  find  Christmas.The artist of this treasure was SO  incredibly gifted that I can't wait to share with everyone. I plan to create a Christmas post sometime'll also notice a little house keeping has been done...I dusted!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#15 Countdown to Christmas matchbox created by Sherry E.

Day 15 ~ Go to the Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap:

 #15 matchbox was created by Sherry E.
Isn't it pretty. The altered domino is decorated on both sides and looks so cute on my little Christmas tree in the kitchen...where I can get a smile every time I pass by. Thank you Sherry for sharing your authentic artist side...incredible all you artists are. I really loved the little package you had it in...the red ribbon stapled on the cheery!

My Christmas memory to share today December 15, 2010 ~ about 25 years ago we drew names at work for a Christmas gift exchange. My young nephew drew my name and he bought me a 'light weight' red and green snow shovel. I remember putting on a happy face and thinking 'I wish I would have got some lotion, a pretty pair of earrings...something girly you know?' Anyway...still have that shovel and it has been a wonderful gift through the years. Chris is very of his many wonderful qualities. And yes...we had a lot of snow that year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#14 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - this one created by Wendy F.

#14 matchbox created by Wendy
Day 14 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap' by ~

My #14 matchbox was created by Wendy. I had a feeling that this swap was going to be fun but I had no idea it would be this much fun did you? May God bless each and everyone of you 'Arsty blogger friends' and thank you Wendy. The matchbox with the very lovely gold trim is so pretty on my tree. I really like the little candy canes ornament with the glitter bow. It will be treasured for many years to come.

A Christmas memory of mine to share with you today December 14, 2010 ~ About 7 years ago I learned how very important it is to 'drop everything' to visit neighbor friends. It's NOT much to do....

It's a pure delight to visit and find out what they have been up to and the special things they are planning for their families. Our love & care to grows even bigger every year. That snow ball effect if you can get the picture...bigger, bigger and bigger. Also, when they stop by our house, we in turn do our best to give them the same warm welcome. One of our neighbors decorates every inch of her huge house with Christmas. Amazing...she must start way before Thanksgiving.

Monday, December 13, 2010

#13 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap from 'The West Nest'

From 'The West Nest'
Day 13 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap' by ~ Our #13 box really makes me SOL (smile out loud) and I love that this one is from a family...that is so cool! Back when my kids were young we didn't even have a computer. We've come a long way and with modern technology and much more is coming...

#13 matchbox was created by 'The West Nest' family The little beads spell out glee and that's a fairly new word to me...I like it. Do you see the different shaped buttons? Cute as a button this matchbox is. Thank you 'West Nest' family. Merry Christmas to all! Another lovely blogspot I'll be back to visit.

A Christmas memory to share today December 13, 2010 ~ A short and sweet one...this past Saturday as I was decorating for Christmas and listening to a song on Christian radio about 'dancing with Jesus' ...I 'had' glee. A great memory for 2010.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

#12 Countdown to Christmas matchbox created by Angela C. & I'm sharing a new Christmas memory all 25 days

Yes, Angela! Joy to the world!
Day 12 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap' hosted by ~ It's hard to believe that we are on day 12 isn't it? Our matchbox Christmas tree looks so pretty covered with every one's artsy matchboxes. Yes, my hubby even likes them and he's amazed how we can sit and make things for hours. Oh my...he didn't have nice things to say about the pink glitter all around my comfy chair and then all over the kitchen as I moved things around... Oh well...I say "Christmas is a time to let it Shine!"

#12 matchbox was created by Angela C. Her blogspot is - if you want to hop on over and visit her. The name she chose for her blog is perfect because she is down to the darling details. I shared in an earlier post that joy is one of my favorite words and I love the dove. You may not see all the darling let me tell you...the white trim is velvet (so sweet!) The red & silver candy cane (is made from art sticks like pipe cleaners). Thank you are an angel 'like your name' to make & share something so sweet.

My Christmas memory to share today December 12, 2010 ~ One Christmas neighbors left a plate of Christmas cookies at our back door. We have the best neighbors in the world! The story goes like this...It was a few days before Christmas when we came home and found large empty paper plate half covered with plastic wrap, an untied ribbon with a Christmas card attached just laying by the back door on the veranda. I was so embarrassed! ..and when our neighbors asked if we got the surprise they left I said 'Yes, thank you'. (The real surprise was..we didn't even see the cookies. Thank goodness the card didn't blow away...we live in Kansas). I felt bad at the time...I just couldn't tell them that the cookies tasted good because I didnt' know. It's really funny when I think about it now....
Did you guess? Our farm dogs Buster and Buddy ate the cookies...all of them! Yep, 'the guys' our two bloodhounds had quite a treat while we were gone.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

#11 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - from Linda G.

Ho, Ho, Ho...are you ready?
This little matchbox treasure is from Linda G.
Day 11 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap' by

#11 matchbox was created by Linda G. 
The box is covered with beautiful paper that reads 'winter wonderland' and 'let it snow'. Inside I found two little a little angel and a little Santa holding a present. Thank you very much Linda. The this little treasure matchbox is so sweet. I like how you decorated the are on the top of the box with a flower snowflake and the embellishment (looking like a drawer handle)Very creative!

My Christmas memory to share today December 11, 2010 ~ The Santa reminded me of being a secret Santa to someone again this year. Every year I do something to surprise someone out of the ordinary...for someone I don't know real well that I think may be needing a little 'pick me up'. One year I was that person, the one who needed a 'pick me up'...I was feeling a bit blue and didn't have a touch of Christmas Spirit. My  story is somewhat like a Christmas miracle. Someone was a secret Santa to me and I will be forever grateful.

Christmas Eve afternoon about five years ago, I was waiting to get off work and just about everyone left early from work. The building was cold and empty and I was very tired. A long final hour...I was one who locked up...I was waiting...

A bit before 'closing time' Bonnie, who I didn't know very well came in to visit her husband who worked upstairs in our building. She said happily 'Merry Christmas' signed in and then handed me a wrapped up little gift. I thanked her and smiled. When she disappeared 'up the stairs' I sat down and opened the gift quietly. My norm would be to wait but something told me to open it 'now'. The lobby and switchboard were silent. I remember just before she came, I said a prayer asking God to show me the Spirit of Christmas. I felt sad for some reason or another...

It was amazing...the gift was a little gold painted cross with a mirror in the center. It was a tree ornament but  much more for me! A feeling of gentle peace...(I saw a reflection of myself in the mirror) that then realized that I was the Christmas Spirit, 'me'. I smiled real and thanked God. My attitude changed to one of gratitude. It was the greatest Christmas Eve. That little cross hangs on my cross remind me of the Christmas Spirit. God is so good!

Friday, December 10, 2010

#10 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - this one all the way from England, created by Jan Smith

#10 matchbox was created by Jan Smith from England.
Please visit her lovely blog if you have time:

On this 10th day....when I opened Jan's matchbox present I have to be honest and tell you I cried. All the little details are amazing...right to the reindeer's red glowing nose & the heart button sewed! Wow...I wish I was as inventive as she. Thank you Jan. I will enjoy it for many years to come.

A favorite part of this matchbox from Jan...the most lovely glass angel with heart that was wrapped up in red tissue...just waiting for me to open. I think it is a reminder for me to remember my 'Guardian Angel'. I'm one who believes everyone has a guardian angel. A long time ago I read a story on the subject of angels and it stated that we all are assigned our guardian angel the moment we come into the world...the moment we are born. Isn't that heart warming?

My Christmas memory to share today December 10, 2010 ~ this one a HSOL (huge smile out loud). It was one of the most exciting Christmas' because we were waiting for our first grand child to be born...the tears are coming....

Our WONDERFUL grandson was born just a few days before Christmas and I was blessed to be there watching him come into the world. A great memory! Such a beautiful baby and his head was full of curls. After his Mother (my amazing daughter) and his Daddy (an amazing person also) loved on him for a while...they handed Darian over to me. I took him into my arms open wide and I sang Darian 'Happy Birthday' as I rocked him in the rocking chair. What a memory!!! God is so good!!! Darian's birthday is coming again very soon...better hurry and get his card out. He is a treasured gift in our family!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

#9 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - the one opened today is from Jenny S.

Today I opened my 9th matchbox and it is from Jenny
It is so pretty and this is the first one that is an unusual size. The little silver star is so shiny...I'm not certain exactly what it is created with.

Thank you so much Jenny! Your matchbox will be treasured for many years to come. I love how you are creative with button...stacking 2 upon one another.

I hope everyone is having a great time as I am. 25 more reasons to give thanks.

My Christmas memory to share this morning is going to be about stars ~ Every winter at Christmas time I go out and view the winter sky for a long while. When I pray and ponder that the beauty of the sky ...I feel so close to God. I remember my loved ones (family & friends) lost to this world and offer special little prayers for them. Don't you think there something so serene & special about the stars in the quiet winter sky? I must get my telescope out's been a while.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#8 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap - this matchbox created by Amy D.

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me....8 ladies milking and a match box that filled me with glee! ~ For fun go to and visit some of the blogspots who are sharing their little match box treasures on posts everyday through Christmas.
#8 matchbox was created by Amy D. Oh so pretty and JOY is one of my favorite words. See the little word JOY on the ornament? I love the colors Amy chose to create this box...they are very popular this year. There is a little line of red and white beaded pretty at the end of the little drawer and the snow flake is striking against the pink. Thank you Amy for giving me joy today.

My Christmas memory to share today December 8, 2010 ~ I love remembering the joy in my children's eyes on Christmas day and how they were filled with joy bringing home a crafted gift from school for their Daddy and I. One Christmas the children created construction reindeer art with the antlers being (their traced hands cut out) So precious and colorful....For years I would hang these cards over the two window shutters at our 'candlelite yellow' house on Custer Street before we moved to the country.

I keep them and some other favorite things in our old keepsake suitcase which I look through every once in a while. When ever I go through it I must get the tissue ready. A mother's heart loves to remember...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#7 Count down to Christmas match box swap - this one created by Michelle C.

Day 7 ~ If you haven't already, have some fun viewing all the beautiful match boxes. I believe there are 70-75 people who have joined this swap and we're sharing photos of our little treasures. Go to the Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap:

 #7 matchbox was created by Michelle C. - Oh boy...I was hoping I would get one of these bottle cap arts & this one has a tiny Santa and magnet too...cute. The box is lined with silk fabric and has printed music notes and I really like all the different colors of glitter. Thank you Michelle! I will treasure your match box for many years.

My Christmas memory to share today December 7, 2010 ~ The music notes reminded me of a very special memory of long ago. Every year getting out to the Children's Christmas Program at Grade School was always a big high light for us about one week before Christmas. The children worked very hard and it was their gift to us. They sounded like angels. There was always a manger with the story of the baby Jesus being born.  Don't you love to hear children sing? I sure do.

Monday, December 6, 2010

#6 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap ~ created by Bonnie L.

Day 6 ~ Join in the fun viewing all the beautiful match boxes. Go to the Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap There is a list of those participating. You'll surely find the Christmas inspiration you are looking for.

 #6 matchbox was created by Bonnie L. - Isn't it beautiful? When I opened the box and found the little felt ornament...a memory came instantly! Thank you Bonnie for sharing your talent of creativity and sewing too. The little 'silver rick rack decoration' is so sweet.

My Christmas memory to share today December 6, 2010 ~ The little white & blue treasure I just received from Bonnie reminded me of  the three 'priceless' beautiful felt Christmas stockings that I made for my children years ago....when the kids were small. I worked so hard and long and remember how sweet they turned out. I loved putting them out every year as each one was uniquely different, very ornate and all the same size. Sweet memories watching the children dig into their stockings Christmas morning to see what Santa Claus left for them. No coals or rocks in the Christmas stockings at our house! My kids were really good kids...especially around Christmas.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

#5 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap ~ from Sarah S.

Made by Sarah S.
  Day 5 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap Another surprise! I'm like a little girl...this is so much fun. Have a great Sunday friends.
 #5 matchbox was created by Sarah S. A little burst of spring and cute as a button! The embossed tree art on the tag is so interesting. I don't think I have near the patience as Sarah. Sure will treasure your gift...thank you Sarah! Do you know the meaning of your beautiful name? Sarah means princess.
  Merry Christmas Princess Sarah!
 My Christmas memory to share today December 5, 2010 ~ To celebrate one of our first Christmas' at our farm house...I just 'had to have' a real living Christmas tree. I love trees...especially pine trees. Because of the nature of a living tree I became concerned that the furnace heat would surely kill our little living 3' pine tree so I decided that we would keep it in our house addition (which at the time was an unfinished room we were adding on the main house) w/out heating vents hooked up. I remember all of us 'our family' taking turns running back and forth from the kitchen into that 'freezing' room to get Christmas presents. The kids were young and so cute!

Ummm...what was I thinking? Oh well, the memory is funny now. I can only image how confused Santa was.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

#4 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap ~ Kim R. & some very exciting news....

Made by Kim R.
  Day 4 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap' by Go check out this will have so much fun.

#4 matchbox was created by Kim Robinson. Oh goodie!
The little girl in the winter scene is so sweet and the gift is the cutest little bell on a tiny red reminded of the Christmas memory of singing and ringing bells last Christmas morning and then another one I'm sharing below. Thank you so much Kim...this little treasure matchbox is the sweetest and I will cherish it for many years.

My Christmas memory to share today December 4, 2010 ~ BSOL (big smile out loud) When I was about 12 years old my best friend Joyce and I were walking from the TG&Y Store...she and I would go and watch my older sister and her boyfriend drink cherry cokes and make goo goo eyes at one another and spend our weekly allowance on candy. Those were the days before I had crushes on boys.

As we walked toward home from the store....along the icy street in the blowing snow, I noticed a pine tree laying in a ditch. I said 'That's a Christmas tree Joyce!' 'and I want to take it home...' 'Together we pulled that 4' pine tree 2 long blocks through the snow...through the trailer park...where we took the short cut home. We were so cold and the wind was whipping! By the time we reached my house, we were tired! I remember my wonderful Mom coming to the front door to see the tree on our little front porch. Money was tight in those days and we didn't have a Christmas tree yet. When I asked my Mom if we could have it for our Christmas tree...she instantly said 'Yes, it looks like a fine tree'. After we set it upright and placed it in a large coffee can (with water & dirt I think) I remember noticing that one side of  the tree was all smashed with some branches bent and missing. I remember becoming sad when I noticed it's condition. My sweet Mom said 'Oh, we'll just turn the tree around, placing the skimpy side in the corner and no-one will know.' It was a good Christmas tree and I knew I had the best Mom in the world.' She was a gentle 'one of a kind' who only sad kind words about everyone. Wow! Does this memory make me miss my Mom who was one of the best friends I ever had.
Some very exciting news today ~ December 4, 2010 ~ My little N2God dream is being launched this morning. Today is the beginning...the start of a little fascinating dream God placed into my heart many months ago. It has come alive. When you have time...please visit my new blogspot The first post #1 God is up. Please stay tuned...there are going to be SO many neat and wonderful posts to inspire YOU to 'love life' and remember. We've (my husband and I) have been busy....working on this dream for a long while. If you love God and all He offers....I promise you're going to love the! Love to hear comments & any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

His faithful steward,

Friday, December 3, 2010

#3 Count down to Christmas matchbook swap ~ from Molly P.

#3 Christmas matchbox created by Molly Pearce
Day 3 ~ Count down to Christmas matchbook was created by Molly at her seashore 

Sure having all kinds of fun with this swap Linda 'the planner' of this swap is amazing to say the least.
#3 matchbox is another so creative! The purple (my favorite color) glittered sea shell is precious. Molly probably didn't even know I love the sea! She wrote on the edge of the matchbox Proverbs 31 ~  MP From my shore to yours. How delightful is that? Honestly, I will look that scripture up later today. Thank you so much Molly! I'll treasure the sea shells from NC Kure Beach & your matchbox gift for years ahead.

"We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! " 
A Christmas memory to share today December 3, 2010 ~ Christmas day 2009 my two wonderful grandsons & I Christmas caroled early Christmas morning throughout the farm house singing ' and shaking jingle bells' waking everyone up at sunrise-
We had SO much fun and 'yes' everyone arose and quickly headed downstairs to open Christmas presents. I served cups of fresh hot Belgium coffee and savored every second watching happy faces with excitement as the packages were opened. the best word to describe how it makes me feel to share this memory with you this morning. Thank you for being out there to share with blog friends! Memories...where would we be without them? The good ones make my heart smile.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

#2 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap ~ from Jill D.

#2 matchbox from Jill D. ~
Day 2 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap' by So much fun to wake up with to this sweet surprise waiting for me. I'm still undecided where to put them yet. Probably in my purse to show and tell my girl friends at work as they want to see each one!

My #2 matchbox was created by Jill D. The little treasure I found inside is the sweetest paper clip. I decided to clip Jill's note to it. Cute huh? The glitter detail on the snowflake doesn't 'show' in the photo so pretty!
Thank you Jill D.!  I will enjoy your matchbox gift for years to come. I'm  sure noticing how talented you blogger friends are!!!

My Christmas memory to share today December 2, 2010~
Jill's snowflake reminding me of Christmas, 2009...our family and house guests were snowed in on Christmas day. The snow was so pretty! Blessed we were because we attended the Christmas Mass at 5:30 PM, Christmas eve.

It sure was a Christmas day day full of excitement because Grand papa and Darian went for a driving lesson in Darian's first car. I was totally against the whole idea but they got out the door quickly in the deepest snowiest day ever. We waited and waited for them to return and finally they did....walking back to our farm house...half frozen. They forgot their cell phones and of course (the car a little black sports car) was stuck off the road in deep snow. They tried every effort and eventually it was pulled  home after much effort and calling a neighbor to help. To make matters worse the huge chain broke (in the first try) and made indention's that look like 'machine gun' bullet marks up the hood in a line. Grand papa and Darian thought it was kinda cool. the time 'I was not too happy' now...I think it's funny. It was a great day being snowed in and having house guests.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#1 Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap ~ from Angela & Christmas memory to share with you...

#1 matchbox from Angela ~ http://www.pagesbythesea.blogspot/
It's starting to look alot like Christmas! Woke up this morning so excited knowing that today is the first day the 'Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap' by It took all the patience I could muster up to wait. Memories of a child waiting for Christmas morning gave me a big smile.

My #1 matchbox was created by Angela and it is simply precious filled so much pretty detail. I especially like the itsy bitsy snowman art that is attached to the stick pin on lace and the art which looks like a stamp with a tiny greeting 'Merrymerry Christmas' in the corner. Snowmen melt my heart! I wonder how Angela did that.

Thanks a million Angela! I will treasure your sweet gift for many years to come.

My Christmas memory to share today December 1, 2010~
"When I was a little girl about 8 years old I remember my little sister Cathy and I receiving 'Thumbilina dolls' (sp?) from Santa. The dolls wore white lace bonnets and gowns and their heads moved about after winding them up. I loved that doll and still love the smell of a new doll don't you?"