Tuesday, October 25, 2016

'The blessings of flowers received make my heart smile!'

How cute is this pot of  happy face flowers. Reminded me of 'Wilson' on Castaway movie with Tom Hanks!

Thank you Randy Phelps, Therese S. Michelle P. and Audrey R. I serve God with the very  best people! They too are brave and came to visit me at St. Francis Hospital.
This pot of autumn flowers is from Lori, Gemma and Betty!
Cheery! Cheery! Cherry!
Therese and Dennis S. came by to check on me bringing a big load of blessings for my whole family along with a big beautiful bouquet.
The colors of the flowers...so vivid and yes, sun flowers and Gerber daisies for Patty in Oz. Oh my!! 
My brother Earl tried to sneak these on my porch unknowingly and I CAUGHT him! LOL.
All week I have watched these beautiful roses blooming. That in itself is a gift. No wonder we are reminded to take time to smell the flowers. Recuperating from a concussion, I've savored the minutes watching the petals open!
Our dog King checking out the roses! I love my dogs and Bella (my cat)!