Saturday, December 11, 2010

#11 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - from Linda G.

Ho, Ho, Ho...are you ready?
This little matchbox treasure is from Linda G.
Day 11 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap' by

#11 matchbox was created by Linda G. 
The box is covered with beautiful paper that reads 'winter wonderland' and 'let it snow'. Inside I found two little a little angel and a little Santa holding a present. Thank you very much Linda. The this little treasure matchbox is so sweet. I like how you decorated the are on the top of the box with a flower snowflake and the embellishment (looking like a drawer handle)Very creative!

My Christmas memory to share today December 11, 2010 ~ The Santa reminded me of being a secret Santa to someone again this year. Every year I do something to surprise someone out of the ordinary...for someone I don't know real well that I think may be needing a little 'pick me up'. One year I was that person, the one who needed a 'pick me up'...I was feeling a bit blue and didn't have a touch of Christmas Spirit. My  story is somewhat like a Christmas miracle. Someone was a secret Santa to me and I will be forever grateful.

Christmas Eve afternoon about five years ago, I was waiting to get off work and just about everyone left early from work. The building was cold and empty and I was very tired. A long final hour...I was one who locked up...I was waiting...

A bit before 'closing time' Bonnie, who I didn't know very well came in to visit her husband who worked upstairs in our building. She said happily 'Merry Christmas' signed in and then handed me a wrapped up little gift. I thanked her and smiled. When she disappeared 'up the stairs' I sat down and opened the gift quietly. My norm would be to wait but something told me to open it 'now'. The lobby and switchboard were silent. I remember just before she came, I said a prayer asking God to show me the Spirit of Christmas. I felt sad for some reason or another...

It was amazing...the gift was a little gold painted cross with a mirror in the center. It was a tree ornament but  much more for me! A feeling of gentle peace...(I saw a reflection of myself in the mirror) that then realized that I was the Christmas Spirit, 'me'. I smiled real and thanked God. My attitude changed to one of gratitude. It was the greatest Christmas Eve. That little cross hangs on my cross remind me of the Christmas Spirit. God is so good!

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  1. Another beautiful matchbox and beautiful memory!