Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#22, #23, #24 and part of #25 (the note not open until Christmas) ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap

#22 Matchbox treasure is from Francie T. ~
#23 Matchbox treasure is from Carol G. ~
#24 Matchbox treasure is from Pam S. ~

#25 Matchbox treasure is from Jenna Z. ~
(The tiny wrapped up gift inside reads 'do not open until December 25th. It's gonna be hard to wait Jenna!)      

The Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap has been so much fun! My friends who I've been 'showing and telling about the matchbox treasures' have been asking if there will be a swap like this next year. I can only imagine how hard Linda worked putting this all together. Heart felt thanks Linda. Your ideas are amazing. I will totally understand if you need a long restful year vacation.
This swap will be one on my favorite Christmas memories to share for years to come. I'm trying to contact every blogger friend whose matchboxes I have received to thank them.

Do I have favorites...yes....all 25 of them are my favorites. I can't wait to sit with my Grandchildren at Christmas and show them the little surprises inside.

Special 'Christmas time' posts coming from and soon. I MUST finish wrapping, preparing for company and getting ready for the 'Grand Opening at N2God Saturday store January 1, 2011'. The N2God store will offer beautiful religious items and 'Old Stuff...'

We can't wait to see what God's plans are! God is good!

Patty in Oz (stwant2be)


  1. Great matchboxes! We both got matchboxes from the same swappers. I received your #16, thank you, it is beautiful! :-)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for visiting. I'm hoping I can get a much better photo of #22 matchbox. It is so pretty.

    Thank you too for letting me know you liked the one I made.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I am making one last round... I had a great time checking on blogs over the last month. It was a joy participating in this swap! Love all of your posts during the month. Been going through all the posts on each blog today. THANKS FOR SHARING!