Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Women's Conference 'The Father's House of Worship' March 21-22, 2014 - Sun City, Kansas

The Father's House of Worship
'A Church that's alive and worth the drive!'

The first thought to share is that I feel 'blessed'. Not knowing exactly where I was going, the 'country driving' was just wonderful Friday afternoon. I love how God arranged my weekend to include attending the Women's Conference in Fun Sun City, Kansas. The conference was penciled in between my trip from Wichita to Woodward. It was every bit of fun and more.  Sun City, Kansas is 20 miles East of Medicine Lodge. I'm not surprised that people come in groves filling the Sanctuary on 'The Lord's Day'. There is appointing there and 'God's love and healing graces are poured out generously  just like Mary Magdalene's costly oil.
On Saturday afternoon I continued on my journey to spend quality time with Mary, my sister and one of my best friends.

The theme of the Women's Conference
'All I am is all I have, and all I have to give. And I give it all to you. It's my fragrant oil, my costly perfume. I take my Alabaster Box and break  it open. Let the fragrance arise.
I give it all to you Lord Jesus.'

Many of the ladies gave presentations of 'Women of the Bible'. Their beauty resonated from the inside out. It was all done beautifully filled with inspiration and creativity. My sincere apologies, I don't remember all of the names of my many new friends. I can tell you that all of you are special and I love you. Really?  Yes, really.
Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you, ladies of 'The Father's house of Worship'.

Who needs google maps when you have Marilyn?
Actually '
I did google directions ...just in case' and the map Marilyn drew up for me was MUCH better!
I was pulled off the road near Medicine Lodge, a truck with two hunters stopped and asked me if I needed help. I said do you know, is Sun City that way (pointing right). The guy said you didn't see our tags did you? Missouri. I smiled and said 'be blessed' I really meant it, it's not to often strangers stop to offer  help...especially to an older lady like me. That's  country folks for you.
Terra, Pastor Deitra  and Marilyn
Maxine 'Conference Lovely Hostess'

Christie was a model in the fashion show!  Yes, a fashion show and we learned how to tie cover-ups and scarfs...one of the trendiest things in wardrobes right now.
This sweet young lady was the 'door greeter'.

Mary and Martha (Terra) back
'Truly about Mary's heart and Martha's hands'
 There were a whole bunch of name drawings for gifts. I think everyone had their name drawn. I was blessed, chose a cranberry red snugly for the couch potatoe  that I am at times.

Two of the sweetest dearest friends of mine Marilyn and Terra.
In  Cursillo talks, I often add (every chance I get) how I learn more and more about God's love from my Kairos sisters. Really? Really!

The little lady on the right, was the closest 'jelly bean' guesser.
Her prize? The huge jar of jelly beans what else?

 The decorations on the tables...beautiful!!
OK...yes, my journal entry is a bit on the messy side however I can read it and revisit the memory of my heart. The left side of the prayer cloth was given personally to Mary.
Deitra and Maxine
One of my favorite things...there were so many....
we each chose a Scripture verse from a basket and wrote the Scripture on the the prayer cloths provided to each one of us. They were about 7"x 7" and so pretty. We put oil on the cloths and Pastor Deitra led us in prayer covering the cloths.
Isaiah 46:4 my Scripture


There was a fun guessing game 'How many jelly beans in the pumpkin jar'.
If you would have guessed 777....you would be correct.

 Marilyn 'Mary Magdalen'
We watched a very neat video, part of Marilyn's presentation and we sang. 
Lots of beautiful inspirational  music enjoyed.

My new lovely friend Lois stayed up making so delicious breakfast casseroles.
Now let me tell you these country girls can cook! One of their  many gifts that they shared with all of the ladies at the conference.
Lois, 'thank you' so very much for making me feel right at home in your beautiful home. I was so at home with all the roosters! Even once joined a blogspot 'Rooster Party'. Did Terra or  Marilyn tell you that it was comical when I tried to get into your 'very tall comfy' guest bed? Felt like I was in an 'I love Lucy' movie. LOL.  Lois, I hope you invite me back soon.
Even though my bag was packed...I wasn't wanting to go.

'Lois' Little Inn' which I found simply charming! Maybe it was a little cottage?

Looking forward to visiting 'Fun' Sun City, Kansas again.
If anyone has first names for any of the photos on this post without one...pretty please let me know, I'd love to add them. Thank you.
Friends packed me up a take home goodie box...the bigger one. Yummm!
Blessed I am to have been invited!! Heartfelt thanks!!