Thursday, December 2, 2010

#2 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap ~ from Jill D.

#2 matchbox from Jill D. ~
Day 2 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbook swap' by So much fun to wake up with to this sweet surprise waiting for me. I'm still undecided where to put them yet. Probably in my purse to show and tell my girl friends at work as they want to see each one!

My #2 matchbox was created by Jill D. The little treasure I found inside is the sweetest paper clip. I decided to clip Jill's note to it. Cute huh? The glitter detail on the snowflake doesn't 'show' in the photo so pretty!
Thank you Jill D.!  I will enjoy your matchbox gift for years to come. I'm  sure noticing how talented you blogger friends are!!!

My Christmas memory to share today December 2, 2010~
Jill's snowflake reminding me of Christmas, 2009...our family and house guests were snowed in on Christmas day. The snow was so pretty! Blessed we were because we attended the Christmas Mass at 5:30 PM, Christmas eve.

It sure was a Christmas day day full of excitement because Grand papa and Darian went for a driving lesson in Darian's first car. I was totally against the whole idea but they got out the door quickly in the deepest snowiest day ever. We waited and waited for them to return and finally they did....walking back to our farm house...half frozen. They forgot their cell phones and of course (the car a little black sports car) was stuck off the road in deep snow. They tried every effort and eventually it was pulled  home after much effort and calling a neighbor to help. To make matters worse the huge chain broke (in the first try) and made indention's that look like 'machine gun' bullet marks up the hood in a line. Grand papa and Darian thought it was kinda cool. the time 'I was not too happy' now...I think it's funny. It was a great day being snowed in and having house guests.


  1. This is very nice, hope you are having fun opening all your little gifts, I sure enjoyed every little item they sent me. Come visit us.

    Happy Holidays,

    Maria & Ruth

  2. I am lovin' these matchboxes and your shared memories.

  3. My Box #7 came with a paper clip hanger like yours....I would never have thought of that idea. I really like the greens and the showplace on this box. Happy Day. Genie

  4. Hi Patty!! I was the lucky one to open up your box #2 today! It is beautiful! I love the pink hair clip with the yo yo! I am always needing to pin my hair back and that will be perfect! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful ornament! It is hanging on my tree and I will be always mindful to "set my angel free". Merry Christmas to you! Shannon

  5. Love the snowflake box, and cute clip. How sweet that you're sharing Christmas memories as well. Such a nice way to keep the spirit going.

  6. Lovely reminiscing. Thanks for sharing. Just stopped in from the swap to say Hello.