Saturday, December 18, 2010

#18 Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap - today's is from Pam P.

On the 18th day of Christmas my friend Pam gave to me....the cutest little matchbox that filled me with more glee! ~ Be sure to visit to visit blogspots and view little matchbox treasures on posts everyday through Christmas.
  #18 matchbox is from and created by Pam P.
Thank you Pam! It is so special to receive one from someone I already know... 'lovely you'. You were so much fun to share the other swap with this summer. I will treasure your matchbox for years to come. Have the merriest Christmas ever Pam. Be blessed with all you need and a little more...hope Santa makes a good stop at your place. Your matchbox is so pretty and I  really like the colors you chose to create this box. How did you get all the art on so straight? My hand is never so steady. A true artist you are! 
 My Christmas memory to share today Saturday, December 18, 2010 ~ One year I helped my daughter in a contest at school. She was to create an angel out of a white paper plate. She and I worked so hard and poured our love and imagination into her paper plate angel. We used some little pieces of a feather for the angel's hair and glued on the tiniest little bead necklace (a little trinket from my jewelry box). I remember we glued pieces of a pine cone and a little bitty white satin ribbon. A wonderful memory she and I shared creating and then we discovered her angel to be the sweetest paper angel ever! This has be one of my most favorite Christmas memories! It was a contest in her class room and no she didn't win a prize however my little angel Sarah's 'angel won 1st Place in my heart'. I keep it in a special place take it out every year to remember. Some years we placed it proudly on the top of our Christmas tree. My daughter told me years ago that she LOVED that I keep it even after all these years.

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