Friday, December 7, 2012

TGIF Christmas is coming!

This morning it was so much fun visiting some of your blog spots. I'm getting the Christmas Spirit. Thank you for inspiring me by what you are doing to prepare for Christmas. 

Getting geared up to do some Christmas crafting tomorrow at the N2God Store, Saturday December 9th  at 10 am. The little match box ornaments are the cutest, everyone is unique as you place the little treasure of your choice inside. (some pictured above). Come join me if you can. The first time I opened one of these delightful little heart melted. So sweet to see the little baby Jesus laying on the little bed of straw. The other Christmas craft idea I've planned is making 'Wintertime Welcome cones' with embellishments...birds...berries...and greenery. I'll do my best to 'show and tell' and create a post later.

It's Friday and I have a long to-do list around our farm house. I've promised myself I would 'put up' our Nativity scene later this afternoon. We'll see if my plan works out as I would like for it to look really wonderful. We picked up a bale of straw for the dog house last week. The manger will be padded nicely. Of course I waited too long and let some gentle warm days past by. It's cold outside! Maybe I'll make some hot coco and enjoy the warmth of our fire place when I get finished....oh OK....when I get some of my 'to do' list finished.

Friends...I hope you have the best weekend imaginable!

Patty in Oz