Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Fall everyone!

So thrilled to see all of my precious grand daughters and their parents! From the stories they shared I missed a load of fun being away visiting one of my sisters for the weekend. 

As I drove home north on Ridge Rd. I spotted the 'Charlie's Pumpkin Farm' sign. Of course...I headed in that directions and bought 5 pumpkins for 5 little ladies.

My son waved me in the drive way saying 'hurry!' They made a little camp fire in the middle of the drive last night and I guess he was worried it may still be hot...and I was driving too slow. Little camp fires? In the drive way? Yep, we do things like that all the time. It's one of many privileges of country living.

One of my grand daughters I spotted instantly as I drove in. She was disappointed about something and was drying away her tears. As soon as I gave out some hugs and kisses I went over and swooped the little one up in my arms and told her how wonderful it was to see her. It reminded of my Father in Heaven, how he swoops me up in His arms when I call on Him. I can trust Him to always be there for me. Life sure has it's ups and downs.

The girls giggled when I told them that I had pumpkins in my car trunk. They all looked to their Mother to see her expression because they were not sure if they should share that they already had pumpkins at home and bigger ones at that. "Oh that's OK...I'll decorate the porch"...BSOL (big smile out loud). I then had the feeling and was right... one of the girls wanted to take one of the pumpkins home.

The only thing that could have been better would have been a MUCH longer visit catching up on all of their lives.  My daughter in law...oh she's the best! She left me a story in the visiting book in the little ladies play room. Words are priceless and I will read her delightful sharing of all their activities all weekend many times...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sister Rebecca 'You are the real gift'

Yesterday I gave my 'just because' gift to Sister Rebecca. Sister Rebecca is my friend, a beautiful young lady who has recently joined a Carmelite Religious Order here in Wichita. My heart and gift are both full of joy and excitement!

I am inspired by all of my Sister friends...who answered 'Yes' to His call. Blessed to have their friendship, a treasured gift. 'Heaven's Rejoicing to include Sister Rebecca in their Community'!

The gift, I'll describe...a little pot of bright pink flowers with whimsical petals...each petal twisted slightly like a whirly bird. I hot glued a bow with silk flower and I tied a little St. Anne medal outside the pot. For some reason I think that was the 'just right' medal. Maybe Rebecca's Grandmother has played a very important role in Rebecca's life as St. Anne, Mother Mary's Grandmother did. I'm not sure.

A few books went into the bright JOY gift sack. One book was written by a woman titled 'Falling in love with Jesus' and the other an old school book about drying flowers. Their Community nurture's the most beautiful flowers. A soft pair of flowered socks for fun, pretty little pads of note paper and last but not least a letter of love.

Sometimes I just leave the gift sack tag (which hangs with a string) blank to recycle but not this time. I love how the Holy Spirit prompted me to write....."You are the real gift". What a perfect Monday morning to celebrate Mass to include Father's Homily talking about famous 'St. Francis of Assisi' life. Before I headed to work I enjoyed a few savored minutes visiting briefly with my Sister friends at their car. Sister Rebecca gave me the best smile and hug. They are precious to me and I can only imagine how precious they are to our Heavenly Father! So many good works come from their hands and hearts.

(The photo is Patty Cake holding one pretty flower God left for me on the floor board of my car... it fell from Sister Rebecca's potted plant. Blessed to share the experience of my great morning with you. The flower I carefully tucked in my cool lunch container and on my lunch break I had a quick photo shoot with Patty Cake. God is so good to me.)