Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ying's late Birthday present

Happy late Birthday to you!
Happy late Birthday to you!
Happy late Birthday dear Ying!
Happy Birthday to you!

My motto is better late than never even though I'm embarrassed. I look forward to spending time soon with my dear friend Ying. I can't wait to see what she thinks about her late birthday present and to hear more about her exciting recent trip to China (her home Country).
She, Kay and I are 'dreaming of a sea trip' to China in a coming year or two if it all works out. We have our pass ports...just not the fare...yet.
Ying, something special is waiting for you. Come see me soon!
 (photo of Ying's tea set, chop sticks and Patty Cake)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seaside Swap fun with Ina from the Netherlands!

My Seaside Swap package is being mailed this week. Ina and I got a little late start for this swap...but a little late is better than not at all.
A preview to share with all of the photo above, the little cute mermaid...I made for my swap partner Ina who lives in the Netherlands. One of the details for the swap is to include one handmade gift and this is what I came up with.

I hope that Ina will have fun putting these earrings together. There are a couple of styles to choose from. Maybe she'll choose the sea shell pattern!

Here is one of my first 'finds' for the swap. A sea shell bracelet with little light beads set in between. Very sweet!

Other little swap gift items include a sun glasses holder for the car  visor (I added the dots for the lady bug look). Other fun from the sea 'beautiful little seashells', a Quilters magazine filled with crafting project ideas, a little package of 2 lace applique hearts, a new buckle luggage tag for Ina's next trip to the seaside, a miniature sewing machine 'just for fun' and inspiration, a package of country blue paper for creating package bows and last but not least...the luau Party CD...with sounds from the isles..."Kuku, Hapa 'I, Kini', On the beach of Waikiki, Paradise Island" to name a few.

I added some small pieces of pretty colored fabric from my sewing craft box for her. Ina shared that she likes to sew. Maybe she'll create something pretty with them.
I have enjoyed anchoring down for the Seaside Swap with Ina. This swap hosted by What a neat and interesting new friend I've made! We'll try and stay in touch with one another via e-mail even though we live clear across the big beautiful Atlantic Ocean from each other. I will think about Ina when I get to a seaside, one of my favorite places I love to go. 

The Ever-Changing Sea

You can say it is blue, and green as you define the color it has turned to purple, or green, or gray, or black, or violet, and back to blue again. You can say it is restless, and while you speak the wind drops, the swells subside and from horizon to horizon there is no ripple, no flaw, no movement, only a vast sheer of pallid satin color. You can say it is calm and it rises and sweep your cost cities away, throws your ships ashore, washes the keels of the flying cloud above. A the last, when you have sailed long enough and far enough, you come to understand that the sea is everything. It is calm and restless, stormy and laughing, many-hued and one-colored, salty and fresh, warm and cold, an enemy and a friend, a help and a hindrance, a tragedy and a jest. Everything! Sufficient for every mood, for every dream for every hope, for every sorrow.

Wilbert Richard Wetien (1900-1940)
From "Way For A Sailor"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Real Rooster and my other roosters to crow about!

"Who are the two guys in the Bravada? Don't they want to see me too?"
My cushy kitchen sink floor mat from Walmart.
"and...very true! he, he, he"
OK guys...this is true.
Plates from a favorite Newton, KS Antique Mall. My husband bought these for me.
First, thank you Barb at Bella Vista for hosting this fun rooster party!!! Barb's roosters are amazingly beautiful...check out her blog if you want to be delighted.

Don't you like stain glass lights? This rooster is a favorite in my collection...I've been blessed to find more than one or two and I pass them on to Cursillo friends. I'm a country girl at heart and I shared in an earlier comment that roosters have a special meaning to me?

A little 'nut shell' story...
 In my Catholic faith we share a Spanish word in the Cursillo Movement "De Colores" which means colors. Cursillo is another Spanish word that means "small course in Christianity". There are Cursillo weekends for both women and men. On this '3 day walk' weekend you listen to wonderful talks on all different subjects usually prepared carefully by a team of two Priests, a Sister and a large group 'very faith filled lay persons'. The talks are 'real' and inspiring both!

Now... where do the roosters come in (you may be wondering)?

Following the first Cursillo in Spain many many years ago, the bus that the pilgrims were traveling home on, broke down. The men stepped out of the bus and started singing because...gets so good here...they were so happy and filled with good grace! They decided to sing about God's love...after their fantastic weekend, receiving the Sacraments, fellowship, prayer, building community with one another...they were filled with Sanctifying Grace. It's that amazing grace we encounter when we turn our lives over completely to God.
As they began singing...a huge rainbow appeared which they noticed right away. As they looked around to their amazement...colors...colors...and more colors were evident. They saw roosters with  their beautiful colored feathers, the vivid green grass and the wild flowers. It was so beautiful. De Colores is the phrase with the special meaning...Sanctifying grace..."being so very close to God."
 Another symbol we share is the beautiful prism...catching, reflecting colors, symbols of the seven fruits of the Holy Spirit. There are walks very similar in other faiths besides the Catholic faith. If you'd like to learn more just google the word Cursillo. Maybe you could make a '3 day walk' too.

Do you like my real rooster? I couldn't believe I found him and some hens down the road last night. Must be their resting spot. Last week I saw them on my way to Church. My husband said they would like me to bring them by some bread. I'll do that today...he's right.
 Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to visiting you and your roosters too!
 De Colores!
Patty in Oz