Saturday, December 4, 2010

#4 Count down to Christmas matchbox swap ~ Kim R. & some very exciting news....

Made by Kim R.
  Day 4 ~ Countdown to Christmas matchbox swap' by Go check out this will have so much fun.

#4 matchbox was created by Kim Robinson. Oh goodie!
The little girl in the winter scene is so sweet and the gift is the cutest little bell on a tiny red reminded of the Christmas memory of singing and ringing bells last Christmas morning and then another one I'm sharing below. Thank you so much Kim...this little treasure matchbox is the sweetest and I will cherish it for many years.

My Christmas memory to share today December 4, 2010 ~ BSOL (big smile out loud) When I was about 12 years old my best friend Joyce and I were walking from the TG&Y Store...she and I would go and watch my older sister and her boyfriend drink cherry cokes and make goo goo eyes at one another and spend our weekly allowance on candy. Those were the days before I had crushes on boys.

As we walked toward home from the store....along the icy street in the blowing snow, I noticed a pine tree laying in a ditch. I said 'That's a Christmas tree Joyce!' 'and I want to take it home...' 'Together we pulled that 4' pine tree 2 long blocks through the snow...through the trailer park...where we took the short cut home. We were so cold and the wind was whipping! By the time we reached my house, we were tired! I remember my wonderful Mom coming to the front door to see the tree on our little front porch. Money was tight in those days and we didn't have a Christmas tree yet. When I asked my Mom if we could have it for our Christmas tree...she instantly said 'Yes, it looks like a fine tree'. After we set it upright and placed it in a large coffee can (with water & dirt I think) I remember noticing that one side of  the tree was all smashed with some branches bent and missing. I remember becoming sad when I noticed it's condition. My sweet Mom said 'Oh, we'll just turn the tree around, placing the skimpy side in the corner and no-one will know.' It was a good Christmas tree and I knew I had the best Mom in the world.' She was a gentle 'one of a kind' who only sad kind words about everyone. Wow! Does this memory make me miss my Mom who was one of the best friends I ever had.
Some very exciting news today ~ December 4, 2010 ~ My little N2God dream is being launched this morning. Today is the beginning...the start of a little fascinating dream God placed into my heart many months ago. It has come alive. When you have time...please visit my new blogspot The first post #1 God is up. Please stay tuned...there are going to be SO many neat and wonderful posts to inspire YOU to 'love life' and remember. We've (my husband and I) have been busy....working on this dream for a long while. If you love God and all He offers....I promise you're going to love the! Love to hear comments & any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

His faithful steward,


  1. What a sweet matchbox and a lovely memory to go with it!

  2. Love your little matchbox and treasure you received for day number 4. Also another wonderfully special christmas memory. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day. Angela

  3. Well I love the matchbox, the bell and especially the story! All so sweet. :) Nancy

  4. Love your matchboxes and I really enjoyed your sweet story. Visiting your new blog, too!!