Friday, December 19, 2014

Altered book and a special gift for 2014 Christmas ~ Snow much fun!

Altered book for some little ladies at Christmas time.
This altered book snow balled after purchasing two snowmen globes for our youngest grand daughters Lulu (Louise) and little Helen for Christmas this year. Papa shared years ago that snow globes are very popular at their houses...big or small...expensive or not...they love snow globes. 
The characters names in 'Frosty's Snowy Day' were replaced with the names of all our six grand daughters. I ran out lists of names on mailing labels to create my personalized stickers. 
One idea led to another and why not 'photos'? 
Little Helen and Lulu
Nicole (left) and Josie the (right)
Beth and Anna and Frosty sledding
It's going to be a challenge to keep quiet and let the little ladies discover they characters in this very fun meaningful story. There is a page where Frosty catches a little boy who almost falls through the ice while skating. Pieces of jagged cut plastic was attached resembling ice. Soft purple felt and silver glitter glue were applied carefully for a magical touch. A cloth ribbon is usually added to my altered book for safe keeping.
An altered jewelry stand for Marvelous Mary (my sis)
The stand fit perfectly into Mary's Christmas box for mailing last Tuesday.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

'All About Aprons Tea' Saturday, October 4, 2014

'All About Aprons Tea'  Saturday, October 4, 2014
Powell Farm in the Valley
1 to 3 p.m.

~ Special Guest ~

Sally 'Sara' Hayes
'The Apron Lady'

Terra, Pamela, Patty in Oz and Marilyn
Servant Catherine, Terra and Marilyn

My new lovely friend 'Sally Hays'

Wizard of Oz mementos

A note from friends who came 'apron'
Oh so sweet!

Anna's altered apron

Christmas decorated room

Marvelous Mary's altered of my favorites!

Sister Ursula, Sister Marilyn, Servant Catherine and Terra
Amy and Sherry
Sally Hayes 'The Apron Lady'

Josie and Nicole
Tina, Lulu and little Helen sippin' tea

Josie, Lulu, Nicole, Little Helen and Tina
The hair bands where a surprise for the little ladies. All of them wore their altered (personalized) aprons we created a year or so ago at the N2 God Store. Oh what fun memories they are!
Phyllis, Brenda and Amy

Miss Nicole...listening to Sally 'The Apron Lady' share all about aprons at tea.