Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There's no place like HOPE 'Wizard of Oz retreat offerings'

Thank you for your thoughtfulness!
 Happy February friends.

February is off to a pretty good month. To name a few...we have four family birthdays to celebrate, I was able to gift the gift of 'Hope' to a good friend who lost it. It was a 'not so late' Christmas present. Was it wrapped up in Christmas paper and include a Christmas card? Yes. I am signed up for two 'Wizard of Oz themed retreats' both to include spiritual weavings through them I understand.

On a sad note, in the mix of the month of February many friends had to say 'Good bye for now' to Fr. Baxter, a dear friend who was called to Himself (God) just one week ago. Our beloved Bishop gave the most awesome Homilies at the Rosary and Funeral Mass. I will savor just how perfectly our Bishop shared that 'Christ' is the bridge from earth to Heaven. That is profound. Sacred Heat Parish in Halstead, Kansas and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita, Kansas over flowed with so many of his brothers and friends. Good memories of Fr. Baxter and one of my favorites is how he was serious sharing his faith and I believe this 'loving outloud' has definitely helped people to be 'set free' from whatever has been holding them back. He was involved in both Cursillo and Kairos (Prison Ministry). I'm certain in other ministries I don't even know about. He was very plugged in.

A little Oz retreat information....

You might want to call 'Spiritual Life Center' 316-744-0167 and ask about the 'Oz' retreat Friday evening, Feb. 22nd and all day Saturday, Feb. 23. Sign up before Feb. 19th is requested. 

The other retreat is presented by our dear friend Sr. Joan Burger, C.S.J. - Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph, Magnificant Center. To be held on three Tuesdays. Call 316-686-7171.

All faiths are welcome. You will love the centers...both so lovely! The retreats are donation based retreats. Have some 'February Fun' join Tina, Becky and I. You are invited to join us on the journey.

Patty in Oz