Thursday, June 23, 2011

Create a fabric desk writing's fun & unique.

This is a photo of the finished desk writing pad on my office desk. I just love it! 
The wide zig zag trim has been in my sewing box for ages.
Yep...I've been saving some for something just like this. It was my Mom's. The trim is left loose on the top side, to tuck papers, note or pictures. I found out too...
the underneath side is a great hiding place.
It turned out I had the perfect amount of fabric to create two fabric desk pads.
They add the nicest color on my store desk and my work place desk.
The fabric is my favorite. I found it at a Antique Mall. Been saving it for something special also.

The roses and fruit are wonderful deep color tones.

Just enough fabric for two. Blessed!

Our great friend Candace instantly reminded me that is important to center the art.
She had a perfect eye!


Abagail, Candace and Amy.
Having their company made very a delightful afternoon!
We used spray glue to attach the fabric to the core board.
Be sure to do the spraying outside! You need to move quickly.
Wear gloves if you can. The glue is VERY hard to remove from fingers!
I used some nice cut boards I had on hand. Can be purchased at the art store.

Luckily, I found fabric that is color coordinated for the back side.
I cut this piece about 2" smaller, ironed down a seam using spray starch.
Next I sprayed the board with glue and carefully smoothed it out beginning from the center.

Oh so pretty! And thanks to my friend Roberta for inspiring me to be creative.
She shared that she measures hers, and sews a casing, as a pillow case.
She finishes it off by hand blind stitching the open side.