Saturday, August 19, 2017

Before photos in and around the Chapel Barn ~ Autumn October 2016

"Chapel Barn sweet Chapel Barn"

'Chapel Barn sweet Chapel Barn. This place that prompts my heart to sing hymns of praise'

Before...way before...
Mosaic 103 may be around the east entrance of the Chapel Barn. It leads out to the secluded concrete courtyard.  What a project to cut the arch with my saw. SOOOOO hard and I didn't give up until I did it. Roller blading on the court...I never got around to it. 

Plans to paint this fun loving tree. The smile was created by God.
Wizard of Oz...the talking trees...oh my!!

Let's not go there...
or there either....

One of my most favorite dogs of all time. I miss his so much and will always remember how he loved me. I don't know where King took off to. He left as suddenly as he arrived on the farm in the fall of 2016. I like to imagine he is being cared for very well!

The cones come out when it is puddly. I love the rain as much as the sunshine!

Found this iron gates way back on the property.
Randy & I BOTH were quite impressed that how I managed to create gates.

"Then light arrived in the Chapel Barn like the arrival of a treasured friend"

This summer in June, the first Rule of St. Benedict was completed.
Listen...the first word of St. Benedict's Rule speaks volumes to pun intended... 

Dec. 2015...I believed my dream that this place could become 'Something More'

Quite a serene forest of trees to the north.

Inside the Chapel Barn. It was so dark. Not anymore!
Wow. It's pretty evident that I am a little visionary as I saw 'Something much more'. That is one of the biggest blessings from God. 
Like 'sea glass' thrown away and with 'new' eyes...we see how God can re-purpose what many call insignificant into a masterpiece.

Jeppers! I was surprised that Darian didn't run when he saw Grandmama's project!
An early photo of the northwest corner of Chapel Barn. before the roof was torn off by Kansas winds Darian (our wonderful grandson) did a fantastic job patching it up for now. 

The wooden crate was re purposed into the rabbit hutch. Turned out pretty well! Painted...painted and painted. There was a big hole in the northeast corner. I mixed up & added 80 lb bag of Quick-Crete. I still to this day, do not know how I managed to unload the bags by myself 'where I needed them' at the Chapel Barn.

One of the shows I watch about 'homestead survival', one really amazing person on the show said 'My job resume are my hands'. I get that...

Mosaic project 102 ~ Saturday project

The Art Studio Table (before)
This project has been a long time coming. Mom had a fancy for tables and has rubbed off on me. Whether we agree or not I believe "we are very likely to become like our mothers". It's what we know from the inside out.
This table was in Randy's pre-press print shop for numerous years...and then in the Art Studio for more.  Randy's shop is much more than pre-press print shop now....beautiful printing is his main offering...and his expertise is very commendable. 

Today I'm jumping in with the wonderful collection of ceramic tiles I've been saving for this project! My eyes will be smiling and hands will be happy to hold them and plan where they will remain. Many of tiles are featured in words and speak volumes of inspiration to my soul.
Oh my, this is what I really don't want to do...stuff piled up on the table after I mosaic.
Facing the window will make my heat sing. It is a extremely heavy table and will be much 'more so' soon. It may be hard to see the theme of Paris in this reclaimed space. It's a hoot remembering back... 40 years ago, this was our horse 'Nicholas' barn. He sure would have appreciated the light and view of the new window, especially on long cold wintry days!
Rafters in the Art Studio.
Feathered friends are free to come, stay and go...and they do!