Chapel Barn sweet Chapel Barn

Chapel Barn sweet Chapel Barn...a huge altering adventure...

Words! Like Faith, I are containers of power. Scripture Proverbs 18:21- 'there is power in the Word and in the tongue'  to heal, to change our circumstances. We can renew our minds and to prompt us into action to live out the Lord's plans to prosper, giving us hope for the future.  Jeremiah 29:11. When my friend Michelle said 'You are a visionary' I smiled so big out loud pondering in my heart, could this be true?  Maybe so, maybe we all are because we have been given by God 'what it takes' to create the life we imagine. 
 2016 February

If you come to visit,  you may see a mirrored 'Christmas ornament is now hanging high in the above south window'. It's a hoot watching Bella 'our fat' cat chase the circle reflections bouncing all over the barn floors. I am very passionate about 'light' being reflected! And prisms..the colors mighty meaningful to me. I look forward to elaborating on later.

Above photo,  a huge part of the northwest roof was torn off and neglected, sad to say. Our grandson Darian did a great job patching it up and digging up huge tree that decided to grow inside the barn.  Really? Really. When funds, as funds are available, a contractor will be hired to rebuild. One of my first observations 'yep, a holey place'.  
Sometimes the buried dreams seem unattainable and I find the Scripture 'God cares, cares right down to the last detail' James 5:16. That includes yours and my dreams. Using a shovel as a sixty sister has brought me to a rather odd feeling and I've decide to press, dig forward. Each and every time I began the task at hand, I praise My God for the strength He has given to me! Now...if only I can get the strength 'will power' to pass up the twinkies on top of our microwave as I straighten up the kitchen last evenings.  Plan B?  I can and will  place them out of sight and try to remember to forget where they are. LOL.

Nothing is impossible with God! Matthew 19:26. Nothing.  This 'our old barn horse barn' history of being long, lost and forgotten. Lost and found is more like it today. Was only straightened up a bit when our property was on the market to sell.  Las fall a big, handsome young, strong farmer with his little son by his side  came by to walk our land. Afterwards he commented 'This place is everything I'm looking for except all the ' clean-up/clear out work.' Sizing him up, over 6 foot tall and very muscular...I said to myself 'under my breath' ''Why...he has everything it takes!' The miles of work disinterested him.  I settled that it wasn't meant to be.

On my evening walk last evening...progress!  Especially seeing my seeds sprout finally! I am so excited....I don't remember being so anxious about anything for a long time. It must be the 'child within' coming out. Now...there is Benedict our beagle. He walks over everything.  Yikes! 

My husband Randy and our friend Barry have cut down numerous dead and live limbs and as a team...almost all have been hauled to the burn pile. The extra water hose calms our burn pile fires are huge! So funny...I've been wearing one of Randy's blue & white engineer hats to keep the dirt out of my hair. I never thought in a million years that I'd be wearing one of his hats and then.... all of the sudden..... Engineer hats, I have discovered are a very underestimated style of hats. I'm a big  fan now... these hats serve very good purpose. They stay on tight, block the sun and 'oh yes' the compliments from Randy...well... they make my heart smile.

~March 16, 2016 Patty in Oz

Chapel Barn Cross
Every idea begins with inspiration and the Chapel Barn tree Cross is only a few steps north of the north entrance. On blustery days the north wind comes through the tunnel 'so to speak'...leaving me a real sense of the Holy Spirit! Especially because Randy and Barry cut down  many huge dead limbs and branches in the tree row. Pretty awesome at that.

Our grandson Darian and I collected the long, long 'rope like' vine from the jungle of trees and bushes trying to take over the northwest corner of the barn.  First thing I did was lasso it up! After soaking the vine for a few weeks in a large barrow of water, the vine was weaved very tightly in place.


This old medal table is going to have a make-over!

Bella...showing off! She likes the trees as much as I do!

Oh my...this photo.,..yikes I am brave that I climbed so high to remove  an old rusty bucket.
Now I have a 'sky light' in my potting shed! Yeah!
This book shelve too will have a make over! Hardwood and sturdy as heck. Sat in the concrete storage barn next door for over.....30 years. Oh my! It was aired...bleached...soaped before it was secured in the Chapel barn.  A library ladder of some sort to come....
It is the perfect piece for the reading room.
Still trying to sort 'what to do' with this huge crate/box contraction.

Photos from another Saturday in April 2016

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