Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter tide, a special time of my year!

This morning 'I feel I've arrived at the door of the Holiest week of the Church year' the door of Easter tide. Everyone is invited to attend the Chrism Mass and I don't know about you but I am excited! This beautiful Mass is a combination of many things and Bishop says it best "Chrism Mass reflects the nature of the Church". As the name suggests, the oil of Holy Chrism and oils for for Catechumens and the Sick will be consecrated. Also, importantly we will recognize and celebrate priests that serve in our Diocese and who are having ordination anniversaries. Because we have priests, we can fully live out our Catholic faith. I believe there is a challenge of the Cross and Easter tide always brings me back. I rededicate my life and recapture the joy and peace (His free gifts for you and me). Images of His outstretched arms remind me of the greatest love story told without words. He offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom for the world. When we finished arranging the Crosses (photo)...it almost took my breath away. So beautiful! My husband, a perfectionist measured distances and it took took forever and ever. Yes! His precision really made the difference. The other pics...one is the thorn tree & the other, the crown of thorns I created for a meditation for this holy week. When our son was in High School he made a crown of thorns and we haven't been able to find it. He created it from thorns found out on our 'wild' acreage here in the valley. Last Sunday, Palm Sunday...I went on a search and found the wicked thorn tree. We've lived here for many years and I've never seen such a wicked looking tree in all my life. Ugly! I'm one of those people who get rid of eye sores, and now too late, too big to chop down. No, actually I think it was created by God for a reason...maybe for someone just like me...wanting to recreate something for a meditation. It was literally a pain to weave the crown (adding thorns) and I could only reflect on the pain Our Lord experienced for love of you and I. Our beautiful King. I think of Our Lady, Mother Mary watching her only son Jesus be crucified. I have one awesome, amazing son myself and I love him so much, I could never be so strong as Mary. Mother Mary loved so deeply. She knew. My message to you "Remember that God gave His son, the biggest gift to the world so that we can have a chance of Salvation. You are loved! Happy Easter tide!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A wonderful Cursillo experience!

St. Teresa table

St. Jude table

St. Francis table

St. Joseph table

Women's March Cursillo was fantastic!

Sunday night I returned home both extremely tired and happy from Women's Cursillo. It was an amazing time making new friends, visiting with friends from other towns (that I don't get to see often), receiving the Sacraments, listening to VERY well prepared inspirational talks, singing, laughing, sharing devotion time and to tell the whole truth...crying (healing) a bit too.

Cursillo is a Spanish word that means 'Small course in Christianity' and is designed for Catholic women who want to grow deeper in their faith. Another Spanish word we have fun sharing is De Colores which means colors representing Grace, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and seven virtues and of course, seven of the many colors of the rainbow. Cursillo isn't a charismatic movement however the Holy Spirit plays a very big part!

The lovely candidates were truly a delight to spend their 3 day walk with.
Isn't the joy is evident in their smiles? Happy 4th Day to you ladies!

If you are a interested Catholic or just interested in learning more....google the word 'Cursillo'. Note: There are similar 3-day walks in other faiths. I'm happy answer any questions that I can. Making Cursillo many years was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Feeling blessed and thankful.

De Colores!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet birthday surprises from my little sis

Today I want to share the sweetest birthday surprises I received this week from my little sis Cathy. She knows me so well and we learn something new about one another every time we visit on the phone (often). My birthday cards and/or gifts always arrive a bit late and I like that because I always have something to look forward to. We have a tradition to open each others gifts while we are on the phone with one another. The presents, new treasures I am sure to enjoy wearing, especially the shamrock pin with a real emerald...so pretty! She and her hubby included a thoughtful surprise for my husband, A Eagles 'Farewell 1 Tour, live from Melbourne' DVD. Cathy is an artsy gal and finds the neatest ways of expression. ISOL (I'm smiling out loud) On the DVD cover - can you see the message Cathy added?

Have fun with your Guy! It is good for you

~ Happy St. Patrick's Day ~

A Saint Patrick's Blessing

Three things are of God,
And these three things are what Mary told her Son,
The merciful word; The singing word; And the good word.
May the power of these three holy things be on all the men and women of Erin for evermore.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pass the gravy please!

Just wanted to share one of my recent finds for a special person's next Thanksgiving dinner. One of my favorite things is finding that certain item I think a family member or friend would enjoy owning. This was originally $1.98 marked down to .99. On the bottom in small print is B.I.A. Pretty without any chips or cracks makes me S.O.L. (smile out loud). Pass the gravy please!