Sunday, May 8, 2011

My beautiful Mother's Day Vintage brooch from Elizabeth Q.

Guess what I did right before we left for Church this morning?
I waited until this morning to open my swap package. I was so excited! Wow!

Elizabeth wrote the dearest note that my brooch belonged to her Mother who was the loving and Godly women.
Oh my, I sure don't feel worthy. How blessed I am and I'll treasure the beautiful bouquet with four little pearls. I have exactly four family treasures and they are the jewels of my life....(My husband, two daughters and son).

My husband took this photo so that I could show Elizabeth and everyone how
it looks and how it made me happy. I think it looked good on my pink jacket with my
pearl head band. I'm experimenting with hairstyles...
it's been 20 years with a short hair style..trying something new.

Elizabeth's presentation was so awesome. Everything!! The brooch was pinned on a dainty cotton cloth bag filled with lavender. Yep...smelled it for days before I opened it. Oh my, how did she know I love lavender? And then she also tucked a vintage hankie and Burpee Sunflower seeds.
Patty in Oz can't wait to plant those. Never too many sunflowers for this gal and varieties I can't wait to see!
Thank you so very much Elizabeth Q. for the sweet swap and of course Linda too. It sure makes my heart smile and have a new friend to share my journey with.
This will be a memorable Mother's day!
Hope all you blogger friends had a fantastic day too. 


  1. What fun! You look just beautiful with your new brooch on!
    (I see you are hooked on swaps!) YAY! Aren't they fun?
    Hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day!
    Big hugs! Karen

  2. What a beautiful picture of you wearing your brooch! It looks lovely!