Friday, May 20, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday 'baby dresses'

~ Three Vintage baby dresses ~
My new friend Lanie surprised me with these just the other day.
All three are made of different fabrics. 

This is my first time to join
Vintage Inspiration Friday with Debra at

Go to her blogspot for great inspiration. It's really something to chirp about!
These little dresses are adorable and they make me ponder what little
baby girls wore them...maybe to Church or a birthday party.
I need help...any ideas how best to display them? Ummm...on old dolls...?
My Chatty Cathy doll might need to be rediscovered. 
The way Lanie presented me was the sweetest.
Her note of friendship tucked inside made my heart smile.

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  1. Hi Patty, these are so so sweet! Love the fabrics. and thanks for the kind words and for linking up with VIF! xo Debra