Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A 'believe' surprise in the mail from Mary P.

My friend Mary P. sent me a wonderful surprise and
the first word I saw was the word believe. I am so happy to share with all my blogger friends. It always a blessing to hear from my friend Mary.
She and I are swap partner sisters friends 4-ever!
Can you see how Mary has a certain beautiful way of  making her gifts so special.
Look at the sweet cloth pin cushion. Isn't it pretty?
My husband said the cross stitching 'looks like the crown of Christ'.
She decorated box (with ribbon and lace) and set inside it the sweetest surprise.
Mary is so talented and so giving to others. If you get a chance and want inspiration visit her wonderful blogspot
How blessed I am and the heart will always remind me of love.
I read on a billboard this week - LOVE is spelled T - I - M - E
It takes time to show love and Mary inspires me in how she spends her time.
happy /'hap:l/ n. 1. feeling....
 There's that word 'believe' again. It's one I want to keep on the sticky side of my mind. Just yesterday, I shared with a friend that sometimes I'm like 'doubting Thomas'...remember he's the one who had to see Christ's scars. I want to always have faith and believe even when I cannot see.
On the inside of the box was another surprise. It is so small, I will share...

happy /'hap.l/ n. 1. feeling or showing pleasure, contentment, or joy (happy smiling faces) 2. causing or characterized by pleasure, contentment, or joy (a happy childhood) 3. used in formulae to express a hope that somebody will enjoy a special day or holiday,
A little block of home made soap that smells terrific.
Thank you so very much dear Mary! You made my day. You are really something special and I loved your surprise and will treasure it 4-ever. God works in wonderful ways and your gift with the word believe is the inspiration I needed.
I am happy, smiling ear to ear.

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  1. What a wonderful blogging friend. Your gifts are so well made and the "believe" message is perfect. My sisters and I have a new blog we think you might like - It's what we need today.