Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Vintage brooch sent to Elizabeth Q. my swap partner

Elizabeth Q. shared that she's happy with the Mother's Day Vintage brooch swap. I want to share with you blogger friends that I really have enjoyed making another new friend.
Ok...I know you're probably wondering..."Where's your Vintage brooch Patty?"
I have decided to wait and 'open' my swap package from Elizabeth on Sunday...
As you probably'll be a treat for Mother's Day.
I promise to share in a very near future post.

Thank you Linda at !
You have the best ideas & we love you!

I found the little Vintage 'Fancy Hat' brooch at an antique mall in Olathe, KS and purchased for Elizabeth.
The sparkle on the rim of the brooch has scattered glitter enclosed and the top of the hat is made of a 'screen' type material. The pearl was the perfect touch.
My new friend and swap partner Elizabeth shared that her favorite flowers were tulips and irises...
tucked in a few blank cards and a sweet little hankie with blue tulips.
Because it is Mother's Day...I added a Holy card with the Madonna and Christ child.
Elizabeth shared she really likes the book she likes to read.

Isn't the card art pretty? I do say so myself. I love how the blue and purple look together.
Ever since I can remember, I've thought purple irises smell like grape juice.
I wonder if I'm the only one who ever thought that?

Have fun wearing your Mother's Day Vintage brooches friends!


  1. What a wonderful gift you have presented to your swap partner. Happy Mother's Day. HUGS MARY

  2. Finally my Dear Patty in OZ, I found you
    When you left your comment or when you became a follower and I clicked on your kept going to the notice, your blog had been removed...and then I was going through my google reader and your url is different and that is why I could not respond.
    Thank you for joining up to be a friend/follower of my blog.
    It is very lovely to hear from you and I HOPE we can keep in touch.
    The brooch you gave to Elizabeth was stunning...but I love hats
    Simply Debbie