Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Little Ladies Play Room

It was the best day ever as all of our family came home for a party. Our son and his family are finally back in the U.S.A. and it was especially fun celebrating the 4th of July all together. All our kids & all seven grand kids in the same house...so...much...fun! Yippee!

A big surprise 'The Little Ladies Play Room' was waiting for our five beautiful grand daughters...I am so excited to say...I finally finished putting it together. I will someday replace my quick paper note sign outside the door...in a moments notice...I had to put something together. Papa (our son) has always referred to his daughters as 'Little Ladies'. Perfect!

First, I want to share how I love how the room has come alive. I'm tickled pink about the whole thing because this was our really dull room, the catch all the junk room, very cluttered room that I wouldn't show anyone before now. All my books are now looking for a new home.

It was a really odd feeling hanging curtains in there because it is the first time. Our son was happy with the blinds and as you can see the wall paper is dark. Yikes..it was what we chose 20+ years ago. The rose curtains I put up were given to me by my sister Mary. I covered a few spots on them with some colorful feathered butterflies I found in the craft isle. A perfect place for them to land...I love butterflies and the 'Bloom Where You're Planted' theme. I look forward to viewing all my Mary Engelbreit books with our grand daughters...what inspiration Mary E. will give to us!

Another one of my favorite book is 'The little big book for Grand Mothers'. I giggled out loud when I saw the five little girls sitting in a row...they resemble our grand daughters so very, very well!

Just a few weeks ago I came up with a plan to convert this room (their Papa's old bedroom upstairs in our farm house) into 'The Little Ladies Play Room'. This room was already their sleeping room when they visit but now it's so much more. They truly needed a room to create and explore! I had to take quick action getting it all shaped up. It has been a hoot of fun for me unfolding, unpacking...all my ideas. Quite a few boxes were packed for them under those beds. A lot of room down there with even more...some Christmas stuff. Shh...don't tell. It certainly was worth all the trouble. I've been gathering and keeping so many special items, which I chose especially for them! You name it...mostly fun creative books...old and new. Five grand daughters = 5 X everything!

The bulletin board will be one of the art projects for the girls..they will be encouraged to decorate the board different when they come for a visit. It displays a very special Children's calendar which one of my daughters created. She has 'How to' suggestions for children to celebrate each month with family and friends. This calendar will NEVER go out of date!!!

The July message on the calendar is -

Always remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our independence! Write your own special 'Thank You' prayer to those people who have died for you so that you can have freedom!

Some of my daughters beautiful art work is posted around the room along with some favorite western artwork from a dear church friend, the late Artist George Uits.

The girls each have their own (jewelry) treasure boxes, with a unique theme that I chose just for them and they love em'. Louise's will receive hers a bit later...she turns 1 year old the end of July. What a little living doll. When I came to greet her at the car (as her Mama was taking her out of the car seat, she was all smiles when she saw me. The four girls eagerly gave me the hugs and kisses I was waiting for. I was on cloud 9! All I could tell them is that I waited so long for this day to came and 'You're here!' I can't wait to have a tea party with you and your Mama and catch up on all the news!

A big bunch of Beanie Babies are at home sweet home! They were a very special gift from their Aunt Sarah who collected them for years. When they are not 'going places' they home in the purple tub underneath the day bed.

I placed some jewelry, this and that's, tiny paper dolls in the treasure boxes. Anna's jewelry box is the Dreams, Wishes and Memories, Beth's...God told Noah to build an Ark, Nicole's the country blue doll dresser with mirror and Josephine's the French theme with words Paris! Merci, and Ma Chire. Four of these little ladies can speak a bit of broken French...the common language they've had a taste of.

The Little Ladies Play Room has a little artificial tree that will always be ready for the girls to decorate for season or holidays when they come for a visit. Aunt Amy brought the Independence Day decorations and the girls squealed with delight when the flag lights were plugged in. One of the girls placed the U.S.A. flag on top. One of the first things I put together was a copy of the Declaration of Independence in the one poster frame I had. The document was rolled up in a paper tube for a very long time. Gosh..it really looks old..like it could be the real thing...LOL. I forgot I had it and stumbled upon it accidentally as I was looking through a basket trunk full of our baby keepsakes. I reminded the girls the meaning of Independence Day and showed them the the color print, clip art beside it. That little print tells quite a story...fun to ponder what it must have been like the first 4th of July. I like the details...do you see the Church outside the window and the paper air plane on the floor?

Little Nicole is very interested in being a cow girl so I've been kicking around some ideas for western theme as I really wanted to create a Cow Girl Hangout. We found the cutest little cow girl boots with 'Little Kitty' trinkets on them...(photo not available). The boots fit nicely on Nicole and traveled out the door on her feet to their new home in Oklahoma. We collected three cow girl hats, one is a red felt hat (Mocha modeled it in one of my earlier posts around Easter time). Grand Papa found a Texas Star hat pin since then and added it...he was so excited to give it to Nicole. The pony, talks or something...I'm not sure yet. The monkey with bandana....LOL..and the little monkey getting a horsey ride...LOL.

The wooden cabinet (with the pink lop eared rabbit sitting on top) is the magic farm house cabinet. I shared with the girls that every time they come for a visit...to be sure to check that magic cabinet! There may be a surprise waiting for them. On Saturday they each found a wrapped present book...who knows what will be in the magic cabinet next time?

It was a blast on this 3rd of July party to watch all the girls and their parents discover the 'Little Ladies Play Room'! Honestly, I loved every minute and have more ideas to come another day. I decided 'to like' the old black & white work desk just the way it is. So many times...I was ready to throw it out the window. For now, it works and maybe someday...I will paint it. It's great holding the load of books and toys. The drawers and cabinets will be a good storage place for games, puzzles, art supplies and dolls...lots of dolls! A little surprise for us was watching Josie sing and play on the key board. She was having the best time... a sweet ham to watch her!

Our oldest grand daughter Anna Clare was quick to tell me after she played in the room for a little while, "Grand mama, I don''t like the room....I LOVE IT!" What a little sweetie she is. Anna is into American Girl things and was delighted that I know about them. We are all going to have loads of good times making things and discovering many new things. God is so good.

Thank you for stopping by to see 'The Little Ladies Play Room'!

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