Monday, July 12, 2010

A note of thanks from Patty Cake

The beautiful card for Father is sitting on my desk and is being snail mailed today.

It's a note of thanks from Patty Cake to a special priest who has given myself (and many others I'm sure) full cups of inspiration through his Homilies presented at St. Mary's Cathedral over many years.

Sometimes good intentions aren't really worth anything. I intended to mail Father's card with a note weeks ago. The good news is ..I'm back on track! I want to be realistic...I need to remind myself to carve time, create time for the important notes I wish to send. After all, that's what 'Patty Cake' is all about. Don't you think there is something unique about 'snail mail' in this electronic age we live in? Do you like to receive a little note or little gift from a friend, somewhere in all the advertisements and junk mail? It's kinda like a treasure hunt everyday going through the mail for me.

This Father has the most gentle and most kind spirit. His words at Mass have been extremely motivating...because he really wants all of us to get to Heaven in the end. He may not always say what I want to hear but he says what I really need to hear. It must be both a wonderful and sometimes tough mission/job that he and other Church ministers have. I have been truly blessed, to witness an imitation of Christ, through his sharing of the Word. It doesn't get better than that.

Have a blessed week.


  1. Oh Patty,
    That is so moving...I just came by to say "hi" and send you best wishes...I loved the picture of the altar yesterday--so beautiful.

    This Fri-Sunday (big window of time) all I'm asking is if people would link up their favorite Bible verse...easy, but so meaningful...I hope you'll join us.

    You are such a blessing and you are in my prayers.

  2. HI!!
    It is so nice to still receive a nice hand written note, so many people do not any more, I think a lovely hand written thank you note is the nicest gesture you can do.A handwritten note, even Christmas cards are fewer and fewer each yer, this younger generation will one day be sorry this tradition has ended. I am so glad you wrote this note, he will cherish it!!

  3. Hi Patty, I came to visit back and enjoyed reading your article on the 5 angels - God is SO good; one of your favorite verses - which is also one of my favorite and very encouraging Bible verses; and then this. What a wonderful testimony for him and for you!

    And, while I'm afraid I have a hard time with snail mail (tho I do sometimes do it), my senior citizen mom is AWESOME at it! She spends hours each week enjoying various writing activities such as sending cards, letters, and newspaper pictures of items of interest to her family and friends and really enjoys it. They love receiving them AND she loves doing it. Definitely a joy-filled activity on both sides! :)

    Have a blessed week.