Friday, May 14, 2010

Tussie Mussie 'A Swap For All Seasons'...finally I'm ready to show & tell you about mine!

The Most Beautiful Tussie Mussie in Kansas!


The art flowers out side the box caught me by surprise!

Lavender candles in the white lace bag with a draw string is so sweet and the smell of Karen's Spanish lavender can't be beat...

Sure would be fun to have some in our garden...probably only in our dreams...

Sweet music notes & lolly pop...made my heart sing...

Plans are to mail one of the floral cards very soon and I haven't decided if I should plant or keep the hollyhock seeds...what do you think?

The vintage hankie...a new...or shall I say old...treasure indeed. I like to use pretty hankies to hold a hot tea pot with. It could only catch happy tears today!

P 4 me...BSOL (big smile out loud)

Karen, you are so artsy! And that velvet ribbon...oh...
Thank you for the I know why I kept all those old wooden thread spools... The older the better right? We sure have that in common! Actually we have lots in common!

The May Tussie Mussie 'A Swap For All Seasons' was a load of fun. When my new friend Karen 'Some Days Are Diamonds' quizzed me all about what I like...telling me she wanted to make it really special. Boy howdy did she ever! Honestly, I opened the box and the scent of lavender spilled out into my living room. I read her wonderful letter and unwrapped the MOST BEAUTIFUL TUSSIE MUSSIE in all of Kansas. Following instructions I tucked the 'life like' tulips inside. Next, I sat back and marveled. I just couldn't believe all that detail and for me? Little ol' me? It was all the excitement that I could handle for one day. The Tussie Mussie looks so sweet hanging on my office door. "Are they real flowers?" friends ask. One friend said she couldn't believe how creative the artist was. I agree! I'm glad everyone likes's going to be there for a long, long time.

The next day after work I couldn't wait to get home and see the rest...ummm...EVERY THING smelled like lavender. Each little surprise was wrapped up separately & gently in bright tissues and tied with satin ribbons and bows. Little notes on one read "open gently". It was a wooden thread spool covered with velvet ribbon. The tiny white flowers, the stick pin & purple button...adorable. In delight I continued to discover even more little surprises...a vintage hankie, old time post cards to post recipes, old time floral cards to send to friends, P paper note pad, a lace draw string bag with lavender scented candles, a package of Thompson Hollyhocks garden seeds (so cool!), a sweet grape lolly pop attached with ribbon to a small piece of sheet music and soft curly ribbon tucked in keeping it company. Now if that wasn't all enough...a little colorful tin with Spanish lavender from Karen's own garden! Couldn't be better.

Karen, thanks a million for making my heart smile. Looks like we both had a great time and I just know we will always be friends because we have shared this fun time of our lives.

Thank you blogger friends for letting me show and tell! Have a blessed weekend.


  1. What a wonderful swap partner you had! It's all just wonderful!

  2. Oh I'm late showing up here! It's just been crazy around here lately!

    I am so thrilled you liked it all! I tried to keep the "purple" thing going ~ some time it took some imagination. The tootsie pop was one of those times!

    Yes, swaps are so fun! And yes, each and every little thing was made or gathered special just for you!

    And I am so very thankful to have you as a new friend. We shall have many more funny times together!
    Big hugs and love from California!
    :) Karen