Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friends Stick Together

The little book 'Friends Stick Together' by Harriet Ziefert (drawings by Rebecca Doughty) gave me the biggest smile. The last page is definitely my favorite part. It reads 'If she trips, help her get up." I can't wait to share with our grand kids when they come for a visit. School is almost out...Grandma ma is counting the days....

This beautiful book of pansy stamps is a gift from my wonderful friend Sister Marilyn at work and Sister Ursula brought me a delicious little loaf of banana nut bread. How blessed am I? Oh my!

Don't you think postage stamps help 'Friends Stick Together' literally? Sending out a lovely note today to tell someone I love them.

It's early Saturday morning and time to head out to Mass (the best time of my day, being with my best friend Jesus). Afterwards I will chase my dream some more. You'll hear all about this later I promise. Smile at someone today. Be blessed.

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  1. Those are beautiful stamps, and what a wonderful gift to receive!