Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Easter Swap surprise opened this morning...SO MUCH FUN!

We waited until this morning to open my Easter Swap box from my new friend Kyra. My cute...was as anxious as me...the rattle of the jelly beans had both of us wondering. It was so much, you are so creative. The personalized "P" travel tag, bookmark, cheery notebook, magnetic list pad, glass egg & items to decorate for Easter. Oh yes...the tea towel is so pretty...cheers me up just looking at it. Mocha 'our grand dog' and I played with the 'I love my dog freezbie'. The eggs filled with candy, the garden friend stickers, carmel chewies and even 'the doo bags' so neat. Mocha is going on a road trip next weekend and those will come in handy! I'm sure Mocha loved being included and I was just pondering yesterday...'we sure need to play with him more'. He's getting up in his years but he sure has a puppy playful heart. Thank you so much Kyra. I have some really cute photos to post soon. Your Easter kindness brighted up our day like sunshine. Have a happy one too! Off to Church we will go....

Christ is Risen! Indeed He haS Risen! Totally awesome! Alleluia!


  1. Look at all that stuff! You had a great swap partner!

  2. Very fun! I didn't know you had a dog. I will assume it is a collie, looks too big for a sheltie. What is it's name?
    Hope you had a happy Easter!
    :) Karen

  3. Your Welcome!! I loved our Package too :) I used some of your cute stuff to make our Easter baskets look full. So thanks!! I loved it all... have Fun with it all!! ;)