Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg...decorated in Czech Republic

From the card attached to the egg - In Bohemia and Moravia, the art and techniques of Easter egg decoration had reached a standard not to be found anywhere else in the world. In ancient cults, the egg was a symbol of life. It was supposed to ensure a successful harvest of crops as well as fertility. The decorating of eggs was meant to fortify this symbolism. At first, only full eggs were decorated as Easter offerings and presents. Traditional decorative techniques included colouring with natural dyestuffs, wax batik, scratching, appliques (of rush, straw, etc.), etching, thin-wire filligreeing and relief wax decorating. Both the techniques and patterns still exhibit distinct regional and even local (village) characteristics.

"My dear Mother in law, our children's Baba (lady in Russian) remembers watching women decorate eggs with the relief wax technique as a child. She says that it is truly an art that takes skill, patience, time and a very steady hand. Our whole family appreciates eggsperts past and present."

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