Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Tenebrae Service

It's Good Friday and it has been a blessed one at that! My hubby took time off work to attend Stations of the Cross at noon with me at my favorite Church. That made my day and too, it was a beautiful sun filled day in Kansas. We are planning to attend the Good Friday Tenebrae Service tonight. It's the first time we've ever attended a Tenebrae Service. The following is information I found online:

This is a centuries old tradition, probably dating from the 5th Century, that was originally, a combination of Matins and Lauds during the triduum. They are hours of darkness, as matins were prayed after midnight. As Christ was three days in the tomb, so too the candles are gradually extinguished each day. On Good Friday, midnight going into holy Saturday, all the candles had been gradually extinguished, except for one saved, which was kept as the only candle burning on Holy Saturday next to the pulpit. There will be Scripture, Psalms, and readings from the tradition of the Church that speak of the death of Christ Jesus. At this service there will be 7 candles, though varying traditions have 15, 24, and even 72 candles. After each reading/scripture a candle is extinguished. The last Candle symbolizes Christ, which seems to disappear from sight during the ceremony, accompanied by the torments of storms and earthquakes. The light of Christ returns dispelling the chaos and ushering in peace.

Happy Easter blogger friends! I can't wait to open my Easter Swap arrived on Wednesday from my newest friend K.S. I'm eggscited and thank you. It makes me feel young again to have an Easter surprise waiting for me. BSOL (big smile out loud).

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