Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A wonderful Cursillo experience!

St. Teresa table

St. Jude table

St. Francis table

St. Joseph table

Women's March Cursillo was fantastic!

Sunday night I returned home both extremely tired and happy from Women's Cursillo. It was an amazing time making new friends, visiting with friends from other towns (that I don't get to see often), receiving the Sacraments, listening to VERY well prepared inspirational talks, singing, laughing, sharing devotion time and to tell the whole truth...crying (healing) a bit too.

Cursillo is a Spanish word that means 'Small course in Christianity' and is designed for Catholic women who want to grow deeper in their faith. Another Spanish word we have fun sharing is De Colores which means colors representing Grace, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and seven virtues and of course, seven of the many colors of the rainbow. Cursillo isn't a charismatic movement however the Holy Spirit plays a very big part!

The lovely candidates were truly a delight to spend their 3 day walk with.
Isn't the joy is evident in their smiles? Happy 4th Day to you ladies!

If you are a interested Catholic or just interested in learning more....google the word 'Cursillo'. Note: There are similar 3-day walks in other faiths. I'm happy answer any questions that I can. Making Cursillo many years was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Feeling blessed and thankful.

De Colores!

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