Monday, March 8, 2010

Pass the gravy please!

Just wanted to share one of my recent finds for a special person's next Thanksgiving dinner. One of my favorite things is finding that certain item I think a family member or friend would enjoy owning. This was originally $1.98 marked down to .99. On the bottom in small print is B.I.A. Pretty without any chips or cracks makes me S.O.L. (smile out loud). Pass the gravy please!


  1. YAY! I'm your first follower! WELCOME to the world of blogging. You've done it now! You will be HOOKED in no time at all!
    And we have been assigned Tussie Mussie partners! The idea is to come over to each other's blogs and SNOOP, but . . . you don't have much to snoop on! LOL. I need to know what you like, your collections, your colors, your hobbies EVERYTHING so that I can fill up your Tussie Mussie with your favorite things!
    So my Dear - get to posting so I have some ideas!
    Email me and let me know how you are!
    You "first" new friend of many to come!
    Karen - Some days are diamonds :)

  2. What a great gravy bowl! I need something like that for my next Thanksgiving! ;)