Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet birthday surprises from my little sis

Today I want to share the sweetest birthday surprises I received this week from my little sis Cathy. She knows me so well and we learn something new about one another every time we visit on the phone (often). My birthday cards and/or gifts always arrive a bit late and I like that because I always have something to look forward to. We have a tradition to open each others gifts while we are on the phone with one another. The presents, new treasures I am sure to enjoy wearing, especially the shamrock pin with a real emerald...so pretty! She and her hubby included a thoughtful surprise for my husband, A Eagles 'Farewell 1 Tour, live from Melbourne' DVD. Cathy is an artsy gal and finds the neatest ways of expression. ISOL (I'm smiling out loud) On the DVD cover - can you see the message Cathy added?

Have fun with your Guy! It is good for you

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