Saturday, August 19, 2017

Mosaic project 102 ~ Saturday project

The Art Studio Table (before)
This project has been a long time coming. Mom had a fancy for tables and has rubbed off on me. Whether we agree or not I believe "we are very likely to become like our mothers". It's what we know from the inside out.
This table was in Randy's pre-press print shop for numerous years...and then in the Art Studio for more.  Randy's shop is much more than pre-press print shop now....beautiful printing is his main offering...and his expertise is very commendable. 

Today I'm jumping in with the wonderful collection of ceramic tiles I've been saving for this project! My eyes will be smiling and hands will be happy to hold them and plan where they will remain. Many of tiles are featured in words and speak volumes of inspiration to my soul.
Oh my, this is what I really don't want to do...stuff piled up on the table after I mosaic.
Facing the window will make my heat sing. It is a extremely heavy table and will be much 'more so' soon. It may be hard to see the theme of Paris in this reclaimed space. It's a hoot remembering back... 40 years ago, this was our horse 'Nicholas' barn. He sure would have appreciated the light and view of the new window, especially on long cold wintry days!
Rafters in the Art Studio.
Feathered friends are free to come, stay and go...and they do!

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