Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Mini Fabric Sampler Swap 'A Swap For All Seasons'

Wishing you a wonderful new year 2015 blogger friends!

This year is going to be so sew much fun! I'm excited to be in aswapforallseasons 2015 Mini Fabric Sampler Swap. Just finished January sampler and now I'm day dreaming ideas for  the month of February.

It has amazing creating the January Mini Fabric Sampler using my imagination. I truly plan to be a participant in the next eleven sampler swaps. One idea to share..I'm planning to create two of the same Mini Fabric Samplers each month if I have time. One to swap and one to keep for the memory.  The colorful, interesting stash of so many interesting notions get to come out and play. Looking at fabrics onhand...and the possibilities take me to 'one of' my happy places. I'm smiling...the first January sampler is cute...can't wait to see if Elizabeth likes it.  After U.S. mailing, I'm sharing a photo for Linda to share with everyone on flickr. (I'll learn how that works....right now I don't have a clue).
'Another one of my happy places' is a favorite store Mrs. O'Leary's in Wichita, KS Old Town. (The most interesting Art venue offering classes, ideas and supplies that I've ever seen!) Visiting I feel like a little child in a candy store.... delighted to find just the right unique touches for my January samplers. No gluing is allowed....everything must be hand sewn. If you know's a challenge to put my glue glitter away (unless I can figure out a way to sew on glitter).
Pamela and Patty at Mrs. O'Leary's   12.23.14
Patty and Jeralynn   12.23.14
This morning I very much enjoyed visiting a friends blogspot which made my heart smile. Thank you Elizabeth!! It's so neat getting to know you better and you opened my heart and eyes both to want to follow your quest in seeking a simpler life. 
A simpler life for me is not being on Face Book. I am going to try harder to become closer to my beautiful family (many who live great distances from us) and friends...staying in touch.
Winter Sundays have been special.  If you want to be enlightened, inspired - watch  'Super Soul Sunday' on OWN with Oprah Winfrey. These last few months guests have and are outstanding!! They are all my favorites and it's helping me to get back on trek to living the life I imagine with authenticity.  Another inspiration is re-re-re reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  My good friend Karen gifted me at Christmas with one of Sarah's newer books titled 'Peace and Plenty' Finding your path to financial serenity. Pretty certain it's going to be a very good read as I can use help in that area for sure. And oh my...and I just began reading 'Eat - Pray - Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert. With plans to create inspiring cloth samplers and evenings are going to be awesome. My hubbie...a favorite company.
Enjoy your winter days ahead!
Patty in Oz

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  1. Hello Dear Friend,
    I so enjoyed getting to know you. Thank you for your visit.
    I too don't have Facebook or Pinterest. And I ditched the I Phone this year. I love the book Peace and Plenty.
    I enjoyed laying on the sofa on the porch wrapped in a quilt napping today. Slow and simple.😃