Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ying's late Birthday present

Happy late Birthday to you!
Happy late Birthday to you!
Happy late Birthday dear Ying!
Happy Birthday to you!

My motto is better late than never even though I'm embarrassed. I look forward to spending time soon with my dear friend Ying. I can't wait to see what she thinks about her late birthday present and to hear more about her exciting recent trip to China (her home Country).
She, Kay and I are 'dreaming of a sea trip' to China in a coming year or two if it all works out. We have our pass ports...just not the fare...yet.
Ying, something special is waiting for you. Come see me soon!
 (photo of Ying's tea set, chop sticks and Patty Cake)


  1. Well happy late birthday to Ying. And I hope you all get your fantasy trip to China! Just don't stop dreaming!
    Love the set above! She will too!
    Happy day! Karen

  2. What a lovely present for Ying. Hope you get the fare for that sea trip.