Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Real Rooster and my other roosters to crow about!

"Who are the two guys in the Bravada? Don't they want to see me too?"
My cushy kitchen sink floor mat from Walmart.
"and...very true! he, he, he"
OK guys...this is true.
Plates from a favorite Newton, KS Antique Mall. My husband bought these for me.
First, thank you Barb at Bella Vista for hosting this fun rooster party!!! Barb's roosters are amazingly beautiful...check out her blog if you want to be delighted.

Don't you like stain glass lights? This rooster is a favorite in my collection...I've been blessed to find more than one or two and I pass them on to Cursillo friends. I'm a country girl at heart and I shared in an earlier comment that roosters have a special meaning to me?

A little 'nut shell' story...
 In my Catholic faith we share a Spanish word in the Cursillo Movement "De Colores" which means colors. Cursillo is another Spanish word that means "small course in Christianity". There are Cursillo weekends for both women and men. On this '3 day walk' weekend you listen to wonderful talks on all different subjects usually prepared carefully by a team of two Priests, a Sister and a large group 'very faith filled lay persons'. The talks are 'real' and inspiring both!

Now... where do the roosters come in (you may be wondering)?

Following the first Cursillo in Spain many many years ago, the bus that the pilgrims were traveling home on, broke down. The men stepped out of the bus and started singing because...gets so good here...they were so happy and filled with good grace! They decided to sing about God's love...after their fantastic weekend, receiving the Sacraments, fellowship, prayer, building community with one another...they were filled with Sanctifying Grace. It's that amazing grace we encounter when we turn our lives over completely to God.
As they began singing...a huge rainbow appeared which they noticed right away. As they looked around to their amazement...colors...colors...and more colors were evident. They saw roosters with  their beautiful colored feathers, the vivid green grass and the wild flowers. It was so beautiful. De Colores is the phrase with the special meaning...Sanctifying grace..."being so very close to God."
 Another symbol we share is the beautiful prism...catching, reflecting colors, symbols of the seven fruits of the Holy Spirit. There are walks very similar in other faiths besides the Catholic faith. If you'd like to learn more just google the word Cursillo. Maybe you could make a '3 day walk' too.

Do you like my real rooster? I couldn't believe I found him and some hens down the road last night. Must be their resting spot. Last week I saw them on my way to Church. My husband said they would like me to bring them by some bread. I'll do that today...he's right.
 Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to visiting you and your roosters too!
 De Colores!
Patty in Oz


  1. Love your live rooster and your rooster light !
    I sold a set of the plates you have and they are really beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful story.

  2. Oh, you take the cake for having a living and breathing Rooster! He is a cutie. Loved seeing your other Roos.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Hey there Miss Patty!
    YA GOT A LIVE ONE? Holy cow! How awesome is that?
    But I'm lovin' all your other ones inside your pretty house. And my feet would really be liking your cushy floor mat. :)
    I'm so glad you are participating in this! YAY!
    Have a great weekend my friend!!!
    Hugs! karen

  4. Hi Patty!
    I've had a cooking injury which has made it hard for me to type but I want you to know that I have enjoyed scrolling through your rooster post. I'm very visual and appreciate every unique rooster I'm seeing as I hop from blog to blog! Forgive me for not being able to be more personal. Cock a doodle do!

  5. I love your story about your faith! have a great rooster party!Hugs Margaret

  6. Hello again, Patty.

    I LOVE all your roosters, but the REAL guy stole the show as far as I'm concerned!

  7. Such pretty roosters. The colors are so joy-filled. I really like that live one too!!!!!

    Thank you so much for joining the Rooster Party and sharing with us. Have a great time today.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  8. All your Roo's are sooooooooo pretty but I admire the plates your Hubs bought the most..
    thanks for letting us come visit your home..


  9. I love love love your live rooster and your table light!

    I have been on the Methodist version of Cursillo called Walk to Emmaus. It was amazing!

    De Colores!

  10. Well, it's very fitting that the rooster came to you last night just before the blog party started. He's a fine rooster too.

    I really do like your collection and by far, my favorite is the stained glass one too.

    I hope you have a very fun rooster day,

  11. I like your story about the Christian meaning of the Rooster. I think that is great that it has a symbol in the Catholic church. I may be able to build on that to make a rooster painting in my art classroom. Your borrowed pet chicken sure is cute too.

  12. Sweet story and I love the stained glass one! Sounds like you were one lucky chick:) hehe, to find the real one last night!

    Have a blessed day my friend!

  13. Wonderful roosters. I love the yellow plates, very pretty!

  14. Love your rooster collection! I am trying to get to all the rooster parties this week! Those plates are gorgeous but I really like the real rooster! They are so colorful!

  15. What a wonderful collection! My favorite ones are your beautiful plates, I love them! Oh and of course, your real rooster is adorable!

    Happy I found your blog via Bella Vista!


  16. There is nothing like the real thing and he is very handsome. I bet he knows it too. Gorgeous plates, Char

  17. Wow, your rooster is so pretty! I love all your decor too.


  18. How timely that this rooster happened to be available for a photo shoot. He is a handsome one. We have a silky rooster and he is black. Not colorful at all.

    The story you shared was very special.

    Becky K
    Hospitality Lane

  19. Cute stained glass rooster...oh, the real one is handsome!

  20. Love all the Roosters but the real dal is the best! Thanks for sharing, hope you enjoyed all the Rooster participants. Have a wonderful week!

  21. I'm late arriving. I've been away from my computer so am just now getting around to visitng the rooster party posts. Cute roosters here, but the live one in the first photo is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  22. The 'real' rooster is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Janet

  23. Hi and nice to meet you neighbor....we are in Nebraska! You have some great roosters!! I love the vintage plates your hubby got for you. Sorry for being late to the party but I've been on vacation :)


  24. Hi Patty,

    I love your roosters!!! How adorable!!

    It was so nice to hear from you!!! I have been busy getting this art center together in the house...AND I just posted new pics tonight--so it's my FIRST (Posted since you last saw it.)

    I know we all need a little inspiration, so I thought that since I was going through "the perils of Pauline," everyone might enjoy the ride to see that, indeed, some things have a happy ending!!!